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Real Estate - 05.03.2011


Commercial brokers weigh pros and cons of using technology to do business in the 21st century

Armed only with his iPhone, Andy Burnett finalized negotiations on a $132 million apartment portfolio sale in 2008 while traveling in Europe. Read more
Innovation - 10.26.2011

So app-licable

Local businesses find the advantage in developing apps for smartphones

Want to find the lease history of a building in Oklahoma City? Check on travel information at Will Rogers World Airport? Get updated info on Oklahoma City University classes? There’s an app for all that. Read more
Technology - 10.25.2012

All systems secure

Companies put the kibosh on employee network access

That iPhone in your pocket is more powerful than the NASA computers that sent the first man to the moon. That’s why more and more companies are realizing that keeping their data safe may be more challenging than ever. Read more
Technology - 10.29.2013

Apple picks

With introduction of two iPhone models, consumers have choices in color, price and features

Apple introduced two new versions of its popular iPhone in September as customers hankering to upgrade, and even those new to the phone, had, for the first time, the option of the latest and greatest and also the recently latest and greatest in slightly different packaging. Read more