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Health Care - 05.03.2011

Premiums rising

Accessibility, among other factors, is driving health care costs

As Oklahoma companies continue to deal with rising health insurance premiums, the No. 1 question on most employers’ minds is an easy one: Why? Read more
Health Care - 05.03.2011

Nursing health care

With a shortage of physicians, more health care facilities rely on nurse practitioners for immediate care

Dish soap. Paper towels. Dog food.
Read more
Health Care - 09.28.2011

Flu fighters

Employers say providing free flu shots to employees is worth the cost

At First Bethany Bank, a single case of the flu can quickly get serious. With only 35 employees, First Bethany is a small bank. If several people get sick at once from the flu, conducting day-to-day business can pose quite a challenge, which is why it offers free flu shots to its employees. Read more
Health Care - 04.12.2012

Alzheimer's study aims to prolong independence

A former prison chaplain who advocates now for Alzheimer's patients worries that one day he will unable to keep up daily tasks and become a burden on his family. Read more
Fittest Execs - 11.23.2011

Fittest Execs 2011

Lead by example, executives are told. Read more
Fittest Execs - 02.26.2013

Male Under 50 Runner-Up: Gary Lynch

Gary Lynch, 45
Director of Corporate Development,
Oklahoma Blood Institute Read more
Fittest Execs - 02.26.2013

Male Under 50 Champion: Richard Muller

Richard Muller, 30
Operations Manufacturing Manager,
Oklahoma Blood Institute Read more