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News Article - 05.11.2010

Panhandle Oil and Gas Inc. reports very positive first quarter results

The company recorded a net income of $5,163,566, or $0.61 per share, as compared to a net loss of $945,256, or $0.11 per share, for the comparable 2009 quarter. Read more
News Article - 03.23.2010

Check out the latest happenings within 11 distinct areas of the metro

Development, progress and more abound in the metro\'s many districts. Read more
News Article - 05.27.2009

Compass briefs: Natural-gas fueling station opens near airport

Clean Energy Fuels Corp. and the city of Oklahoma City dedicated a new compressed natural gas fueling station at Will Rogers World Airport. Read more
News Article - 01.22.2010

Compass: February

New restaurants, a renamed bank, construction awards and more in brief. Read more
News Article - 07.13.2007

OKC energy companies divvy up Downtown properties

The fate of Downtown\'s Kerr-McGee Tower, 123 Robert S. Kerr, no longer remains in question. Nor do other previously Kerr-McGee-owned properties Downtown and along the Oklahoma River. Read more
News Article - 04.22.2009

Idle energy industry awaits pumped-up prices

Times are tough in the oil and gas business these days, but the scenario is nothing new. Oil, natural gas and all other commodities are traditionally at the forefront of seesawing supply-and-demand cycles. An abnormally warm winter and a deep recession have teamed to abbreviate demand for petroleum products. Oil and gas supplies glut the market and, earlier this year, prices plummeted to record lows. There was joy in the oil patch just last year, when West Texas intermediate crude topped $100 a barrel. Today, the same crude is averaging around $50, and the U.S. Energy Information Administration forecasts the price might struggle toward $60 sometime this year. Read more
News Article - 05.06.2010

Devon Energy Corp. reports first quarter earnings of $1.2 billion

This is a significant turnaround from a first-quarter 2009 net loss of $4 billion, or $8.92 per common share. Read more
News Article - 02.10.2010

State treasurer: worst of downturn in the past

\"The next six months will be better than the last six months, and the next year will be better than the last year,\" Treasurer Scott Meacham said. Read more
News Article - 10.30.2010

Devon Energy building sells

Devon Energy\'s 323,020-square-foot corporate headquarters building at 20 N Broadway Ave. in downtown Oklahoma City has sold for $22.5 million to 20 Broadway Associates LLC. Read more