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Real Estate - 05.27.2011

Home sweet home?

While foreclosures have not overwhelmed the metro housing market, neither have home sales

While the Oklahoma City metro area did not suffer devastating numbers of foreclosures when the nation’s housing bubble burst, it has, nevertheless, experienced its fair share. Read more
Real Estate - 05.27.2011

Lofty goals

Metro professionals leave apartments behind for a higher standard of living

One way to tell that you are seriously behind the times is this: If you hear someone say, “I live in a loft Downtown,” and you immediately picture a bunch of thrift-store-shopping, dreadlocked, singing hippies who look like they’re getting ready to stage a community-theater production of “Rent,” it might be time to update your thinking. Read more
Real Estate - 08.17.2011

ACM@UCO purchases Bricktown building

The largest transaction for 2011 in Bricktown so far was completed Aug. 15 with the sale of the Oklahoma Hardware Building, 25 E. California, for $6.5 million.

The 62,500-square-foot building was purchased by the University of Central Oklahoma from Bricktown Wire Co. UCO’s Academy of Contemporary Music occupies the building on its top three floors. It has four stories in addition to a lower level along the Bricktown Canal. The ACM opened in the building in 2009. Read more
Real Estate - 08.29.2011


A portion of Fairview Farm is filling with smaller homes, but with all the high-end amenities as the larger ones.

At Fairview Farm, a neighborhood where many houses easily top $1 million, the developer and a local homebuilder are taking a big chance with the last 10 acres. Read more
Retail - 10.04.2011

Crescent Market closing Oct. 30

Robert Pemberton, owner of Crescent Market in Nichols Hills Plaza, confirmed that as of Oct. 30 the store that was founded on the day of the land run in 1889 will close, at least for now. Read more
On The Move - 10.17.2011

Oklahoma Association of Realtors announces new leadership

Dave Momper of REMAX Executives in Tulsa was installed as the 2012 President of the Oklahoma Association of Realtors during the Association’s Realtor Celebration banquet held October 13 in Norman. Active in the real estate industry for over 33 years, Momper has been a REMAX broker/owner since 1989. Read more
Real Estate - 11.22.2011

Apt findings

A report confirms rental residential units Downtown are in demand, as developers work to give the people what they want.

Richard McKown is not psychic; he does not gaze into a crystal ball or read tea leaves, but he was on target when he began work on an upscale apartment community Downtown months before a study showed that his product was exactly what potential tenants wanted. Read more
Real Estate - 12.21.2011

Homeowner headaches

After storms pounded the state over the past two years, some have experienced insurance-rate increases or have been dropped altogether.

It would be bad enough if the Oklahoma weather only huffed, puffed and blew houses down. Read more
Real Estate - 01.23.2012

Top deals

Oklahoma City metro-area commercial real estate market finished 2011 fairly healthy with several top-dollar deals in multifamily, office, retail and industrial. Read more