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Education - 04.13.2011

Making the grade

Two very different metro-area schools move toward eco-friendly environments

For two Oklahoma City schools at opposite ends of the economic spectrum, students are learning in spaces designed to be not only aesthetically pleasing, but also environmentally friendly. Read more
Health Care - 04.13.2011

Supplementing health care

Complete Nutrition franchise moves into Central Oklahoma market with plans to continue expansion

Pick virtually any leading health indicator and you’re bound to find Oklahoma residents near or at the bottom. Read more
Economy - 04.13.2011

Super wheat

A $25 million grant for climate change-resistant grains could adversely affect Oklahoma farmers

Although a $25 million grant for wheat development may help create crops that feed more people while using fewer resources, economists in Oklahoma say a genetically altered super-wheat may actually drive down prices for Oklahoma farmers. Read more
Innovation - 04.13.2011

State coiffures

Salon academies on the rise across the metro area

Hair seems to be a growth industry in Central Oklahoma. Within the past 18 months, both Anthony David and Paul Mitchell partner schools have opened academies in the metro. The reason, stylists and teachers say, is the harsh economy and the opportunity to earn upward of $2,000 a week while setting your own schedule. Read more
Government - 04.13.2011

Metro chambers

Business advocates have set their agendas for session

Metro chambers of commerce representatives are downright giddy these days when you talk about their legislative agendas. And while most still have many of the same topics on their wish lists as years past, having a new governor teamed with a Republican-controlled Legislature has many feeling like this will be the year for change. Read more
Architecture - 04.13.2011

Are you eXperienced?

10th annual Architecture Tour focuses on form over particular style

For the 10th annual Architecture Tour of the American Institute of Architects Central Oklahoma Chapter, the focus isn’t on a particular style, but the art form in general. Read more
Architecture - 04.13.2011

Follow the LEEDer

After building his own LEED-certified home, one metro builder constructed another green dwelling for his parents

When it comes to building homes that are environmentally friendly and easy on the pocketbook, Oklahoma isn’t exactly leading the way, but it’s also not being left in the dust.
Read more