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News Article - 05.22.2010

The Urban Gardener OKC opens its doors on Western Ave.

The 900-square-foot store offers hydroponics, organics, horticultural lighting and nutrients for gardeners and plant lovers. Read more
News Article - 10.22.2010

Rod Limke is on board with collecting sets of mah-jongg, the ancient game of strategy and skill

For Limke, the interesting part of mah-jongg\'s history is how the production of the sets has evolved over the years, decades and even centuries. Read more
News Article - 03.23.2010

Check out the latest happenings within 11 distinct areas of the metro

Development, progress and more abound in the metro\'s many districts. Read more
News Article - 10.22.2010

Brightmusic Society of Oklahoma goes for Baroque - and other styles - in its new season

Although it\'s not the only chamber ensemble in town, Brightmusic Society of Oklahoma plays to a different beat. Read more
News Article - 05.20.2009

Killer Inside Me\' begins filming in Oklahoma

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The Oklahoma Film & Music Office said May 18 \"The Killer Inside Me\" film project has officially begun in Oklahoma. Read more
News Article - 01.22.2010

Compass: February

New restaurants, a renamed bank, construction awards and more in brief. Read more
News Article - 03.06.2010

Brightmusic Society of Oklahoma elects three new directors

The three new members of its Board of Directors are Joy Reed Belt, Lisa Harvey-Reed and Lawrence D. Reed. Read more
News Article - 04.22.2009

Investors fight the blight on NW 23 Street, one property at a time

As NW 23 Street, stretching from Interstate 235 to I-44, has deteriorated over the past couple of decades or so, property owners are beginning to take action, as the city does its part. Read more
News Article - 03.24.2009

Dedicated reading rooms provide great place to bury noses in books

Books aren\'t just for decoration; some people actually read them, too. Read more
News Article - 09.11.2009

Musicians, Oklahoma officials celebrate opening of Bricktown\'s American Banjo Museum

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Banjo legend Earl Scruggs and Oklahoman Roy Clark along with Lt. Gov. Jari Askins celebrated the opening of the American Banjo Museum in Bricktown Sept. 10 at a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Read more