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Profiles - 01.23.2012

Funding the arts

Seattle native moves to OKC, leaving political fundraising behind to focus on the arts

Don Eckhoff played the game for the better part of a decade. Read more
Health Care - 01.23.2012

Getting bigger

Health care expands to meet greater need

In her role as vice president of rural services for Mercy Health System of Oklahoma, it’s Cindy Carmichael’s job to expand the system’s presence across the state. Read more
Technology - 01.23.2012

Game on!

Norman company takes gambling out of casino business

To most people, leaving a job as lobbyist or general counsel for Devon Energy Corp. for a life in the gaming service industry would seem like a big gamble. Read more
Profiles - 12.21.2011

Douglas’ new digs

Former mayor steps into commissioner’s role

Former Edmond Mayor Patrice Douglas still remembers when she sat her son down on the bed and told him that Mommy had a new job. Read more
Health Care - 12.21.2011

Up in smoke

OKC businesses thrive on being smoke-free

It was the mid-’90s and the tide was starting to turn. The $246 billion tobacco legal settlement was still a few years away, but popular opinion regarding smoking had reached the tipping point. Read more
Innovation - 12.21.2011

Google and a gaggle

Small businesses venture online for free

Debbie Musick always hoped potential clients wouldn’t ask the question. Read more
Economy - 12.21.2011

Getting defensive

New industry alliance primed for success

A new alliance is helping defense industry businesses go on the offensive. Read more
Profiles - 11.22.2011

New, old role

Baker’s new position ensures continuity for the state Arts Council

When Kim Baker first started her job as grant coordinator at the Oklahoma Arts Council, she felt like she was chained to the copy machine. Read more
Health Care - 11.22.2011

We heart you

The hospital race is hot in the metro, for reasons that are anything but.

Used to be, when you drove into a town, you’d find a sign from the local chamber of commerce welcoming you. These days, the first thing a visitor to Oklahoma City is bound to see is a hospital. Read more
Human Resources - 11.22.2011

Getting even

Employers, human resource departments work to navigate a retaliation minefield

A potential pitfall. A trap. A lawsuit waiting to happen. Read more
Construction - 11.22.2011

Crack daddy

Foundation companies experience record year.

Twenty-eight years in the industry, and Randall McCown knows there’s a new one born every minute. Read more
Banking and Finance - 11.22.2011

Taking a swipe

Smaller banks welcome even playing field

Swipe fees”: It’s a dirty little phrase in the banking industry. Read more
Profiles - 10.26.2011

Growing the garden

Myriad Gardens gets a new director along with a facelift

Maureen Heffernan comes to the Myriad Gardens on the heels of a $38 million renovation, the first major project since it was built in 1985. Read more
Government - 10.26.2011

Testy legislation

Employers get a break in drug testing cases

Having litigated in 16 states, employment attorney Nathan Whatley has spent a fair amount of time researching other states’ drug-testing laws. And what the McAfee & Taft shareholder has been able to surmise is that more often than not, Oklahoma employers’ hands are tied when it comes to proving drug or alcohol abuse by an employee. Read more
Human Resources - 10.26.2011

Generation crunch

Employees from each generation have different values, requiring different managerial styles

For the first time in our nation’s history, four generations are working side-by-side. Read more