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Q & A - 01.27.2014

Expert Q&A

Oklahoma’s new workers’ compensation law goes into effect February 1, 2014

Q & A - 01.02.2014

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Q & A - 11.27.2013

Expert Q&A

Kirk Humphreys

Research shows that it’s a good time to be in the sale-leaseback business. The commercial real estate market nationally is very active. Read more
Q & A - 10.29.2013

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Q & A - 09.27.2013

Expert Q&A

The burden of proof on a plaintiff in a retaliation claim has become tougher to prove.

Q & A - 07.24.2013

Expert Q&A: Travel

Chuck Mai: Vice president public affairs AAA Oklahoma

Q & A - 05.30.2013

Expert Q&A: Energy

Through the Association of Central Oklahoma Governments, the Central Oklahoma Clean Cities coalition works with local business and government decision-makers to support the use of alternative fuels and alternative-fuel vehicles. Read more
Q & A - 05.30.2013

Dark clouds still loom

Mickey A. Hepner 

Dean, College of Business University of Central Oklahoma

Read more
Q & A - 04.25.2013

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Q & A - 02.01.2013

Expert Q&A

State Sen. Kyle Loveless is a freshman lawmaker representing District 45, home to the unfinished American Indian Cultural Center and Museum. He has introduced a bill to secure funding for the completion of AICCM, and has declared AICCM a top priority for the 2013 legislative session. Read more
Q & A - 11.26.2012

Expert Q&A: Marketing

Q & A - 10.25.2012

Expert Q&A: Investing