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Opinion - 02.27.2012

Economic Update

The good, bad and ugly: A snapshot of the economy and outlook for 2012

Opinion - 02.24.2012

Beware the ides of March

Your culture is where your brand begins.

Tim Berney
President, Brand Strategy
VI Marketing and Branding
Read more
Opinion - 01.23.2012

Planning for change

With Cynda Ottaway, Director Crowe & Dunlevy

As of December 2011, there appeared to be no immediate changes in estate law for calendar year 2012. However, Oklahomans should still be aware of the current rules and regulations in estate law. Read more
Opinion - 11.22.2011

Still healing

Mickey A. Hepner, Dean, College of Business Administration, University of Central Oklahoma Read more
Opinion - 09.28.2011

Business advice from my grandfather

Nick Harroz III
President, Mark I Asset Management Ltd. Read more
Opinion - 08.29.2011

The price of leadership

In June, former Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich was convicted of a slew of corruption charges, following a trial featuring recordings of his phone conversations with aides. Read more
Opinion - 05.27.2011

Is the recovery ending?

It is often difficult to tell what is happening in the economy right now.

According to the latest economic data, both the national and state economies continue their slow recovery from the depths of the Great Recession. But is the recovery ending? Read more
Opinion - 05.27.2011

Don’t get caught printing the wrong headline

Shifting population trends can cause errors in collected data

An observant member of today’s society might notice that just about every time they finish their shopping at the mall or grocery store, they receive not only a receipt, but also the opportunity to take a survey. In fact, it seems that everywhere you turn you are asked to take a survey of some sort. Read more
Opinion - 05.03.2011

Expert Q&A: Construction

A quick chat about LEED and energy-efficient homes

Vernon McKown
Co-owner, Ideal Homes Read more
Opinion - 04.13.2011

Expert Q&A: Taxes

with Tamara D. Sponburg, CPA, Hyde & Company

March may have just begun, but the tax deadline will be here soon. Business owners have a lot of tax issues that often can go overlooked in a rush to file on time. Read more
Opinion - 04.13.2011

Appointment Book

Events you don't want to miss in the metro this month

Opinion - 11.25.2010

A quiet revolution

John Richels, president and CEO, Devon Energy Read more
Opinion - 11.25.2010

Expert Q&A: Entrepreneurship

Darcie Harris, CEO, EWF International Read more
Opinion - 11.20.2010

Expert Q&A: Entrepreneurship

Darcie Harris, CEO, EWF International Read more
Opinion - 10.22.2010

Expert Q&A: New medicines

Dr. Stephen Prescott, President, Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation Read more