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April 20th, 2010 - Andrew Speno

Day in the Life: Andrew Speno

Fox 25 News Anchor March 23, 2010

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Andrew Speno
Fox 25 News Anchor
March 23, 2010

7:17 a.m.: Up after hitting snooze three times since 6:50. Wish I had gone to bed earlier last night.
7:30 a.m.: Ready to drive my son to school, but the dog took his shoe and now he can't find it. Bad Sparky!
8 a.m.: I hate NW 164th between Western and Penn. It's worse now than it was before they "fixed" it. On a good note, the new Braum's opened today.
9:50 a.m.: Power nap.
10:40 a.m.: Ironing shirt. I always like to iron my own shirts ... dry cleaner doesn't do it quite right. Watching "World at War" on the Military Channel.
11 a.m.: President signs health care bill into law.
11:04 a.m.: Opponents of health care bill warn of cuts to Medicaid and Medicare. I don't see the logic. Aren't those both forms of socialized medicine?
11:13 a.m.: Running late. Must hop in the shower and be at Crossings Church for video shoot at noon.
12:55 p.m.: Finished video. Go to visit my wife. She's a pre-K teacher at Crossings. She's busy as always ... yet takes time to make fun of me with her friends.
1:10 p.m.: Arrive at Fox 25, uncharacteristically early for the 1:30 p.m. editorial meeting.
1:35 p.m.: Chat with Jeff George too long and now I'm late for the meeting.
2 p.m.: Meeting over. I'll be reporting on a new cancer therapy that uses nanorobots injected in bloodstream.
2:02 p.m.: Fun fact of the day: Nanotechnology is the science of very tiny objects.
2:12 p.m.: I gave up coffee for Lent and it's killing me. I'm spending Easter Sunday camped out at Starbucks and drinking coffee until I have a stroke.
2:44 p.m.: Interviews are set for 4:15 p.m. with doctors at OMRF. They do great work there, by the way.
3:50 p.m.: Can we debate the merits of health care reform without the doomsday hyperbole and ugly namecalling? Yes, I work in the media. I see the irony.
4:15 p.m.: Out the door for interview at OMRF.
5:10 p.m.: Leaving interview with Dr. Steve Prescott, OMRF president. Brilliant guy
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