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February 26th, 2013 - okcBIZ Staff

Male Over 50 Champion: Michael Smith


Michael Smith, 66
Hall, Estill, Hardwick, Gable, Golden & Nelson PC

Michael Smith believes his example has influenced others, specifically his adult children and their families. His wife and children, their spouses and his grandchildren all participate in regular fitness activities and sports.

His exercise regimen includes cycling and regular workouts at the gym, which are a minimum of 45 minutes five to six times a week. Bike rides range from one to several hours, depending on distance. The rides might be a little longer on his birthdays though.

“Starting at age 60, on my birthday morning, I ride my bicycle the number of miles equaling my number of years,” he says. “I look forward to 67 miles in June!” He considers his exercise time as his private/quiet time, although he has participated in group spin classes and he’s a member of his firm’s rowing team.

His breakfast of choice? Oatmeal and fruit or a sports/carb bar. Lunch? Protein. Dinner? Green salad, chicken, vegetables, and either potatoes, rice or pasta.

“Because of my exercise regimen, I don’t follow a particularly strict diet,” he says. “However, my wife, Teresa, does a great job of preparing healthy meals. She makes me eat my vegetables; otherwise, I’d be eating meat and potatoes only. And we avoid fast food except on rare occasions.”

While he will vary his exercise activities and routines to avoid getting bored, he doesn’t take breaks during holidays or vacations.

The best way for him to incorporate his workout life with his work life is to hit the gym during extended lunch breaks during the work week.

“Workouts break up the work day and seem to provide energy for the rest of the day,” he says. “Those workouts are great to deal with the stress of my work.”

He credits his healthy lifestyle with his training at West Point, which he says provided the inspiration and necessary discipline.

Guilty pleasure: “Anything chocolate, ice cream, peanut butter.”

His advice: “Get started! Schedule exercise time just like other activities on your calendar. Treat exercise time as a priority item, not something to do if you have time left over. Get in a routine. Keep exercise logs, and chart improvements, goal attainment.”

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