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November 22nd, 2011 - Kelley Chambers

December Executive Homes


Oklahoma County

Ross and Marie Howard paid $1.44 million to Raymond and Sharon Rose for property at 1606 Coventry Park, Nichols Hills, 73112.

Kirk Olson and Angela Sullivan-Olson paid $1.23 million to Timothy and Tracey Hughes for property at 1210 Larchmont Lane, Nichols Hills, 73116.

Jayden Living Trust paid $1.225 million to Esperanza Real Estate Investments LLC for property at 6415 N. Pennsylvania, Nichols Hills, 73116.

Eric and Victoria Mills paid $910,000 to Darin and Jennifer Haivala for property at 6709 Denham Circle, Edmond, 73034.

Zane Uhland paid $850,000 to Robert Tibbs for property at 3201 N.W. 206th, Edmond, 73012.

Jason and Emily Trice paid $845,000 to James and Michele Sutton for property at 8316 N.W. 125th, Oklahoma City, 73142.

Robert and Janice Dobbs paid $775,000 to Robert and Tara Griggs for property at 6704 Cypress Hollow, Edmond, 73034.

right, Richard Backest paid $860,000 to Bryan and Kristen Dyson for a house in Nichols Hills at 1718 Huntington Ave. The 3,441-square-foot home was built in 2010.

Robert and Anabel Thompson paid $750,000 to Founders Tower Condominiums LLC for property at 5900 Mosteller Drive, Oklahoma City, 73112.

James and Jeanette Sharp paid $725,000 to Carillon Homes LLC for property at 15613 Via Sierra, Edmond, 73013.

Delbert and Connie Simpson paid $675,000 to Lee and Miriam Powell for property at 3300 Deer Valley, Edmond, 73034.

Leslie and Jeffrey Migdal paid $655,000 to Steven Lawrence Price for property at 18050 N. Elk Lane, Edmond, 73012.

Louis and Jenni Troutman paid $650,000 to John and Kathryn Jones for property at 10151 Stone Gate Drive, Arcadia, 73007.

Brent and Sherry Tipton paid $640,000 to Robert and Cheryl Roswell for property at 3401 Deer Valley, Edmond, 73034.

Nikolay and Evgenia Golubev paid $612,000 to Carl Edwin and Carole Sue Kelley for property at 223 N.E. Fourth, Oklahoma City, 73104.

David and Lisa Merlino paid $577,000 to Lloyd and Denise Norman for property at 1909 Inland Harbor Drive, Edmond, 73013.

Kendall and Amanda Little paid $572,000 to Joe and Jill Strunk for property at 13309 Upper Pond Court, Oklahoma City, 73142.

Sophia Khan paid $570,000 to Glenn and Kim Smith for property at 1310 Saint Andrews Drive, Edmond, 73025.

Stephen and Lauren Hopkins paid $566,500 to McCaleb Homes Inc. for property at 13201 Rock Canyon Drive, Oklahoma City, 73142.

Jessica and David Thionnet paid $530,000 to Kevin and Julia Ruark for property at 8455 N.W. 192nd, Edmond, 73012.

Mark and Ashley Johnson paid $520,000 to Gary and Kathy Lawrence for property at 11016 Old River Trail, Edmond, 73013.

Ralph and Jennifer Burnett paid $515,000 to Mary Ann Manning for property at 1401 Irvine Drive, Edmond, 73025.

Nancy Barker and Robert Johnson paid $495,000 to Charles and Cynthia Boyd for property at 466 Misty Morning Drive, Choctaw, 73020.

Christopher and Gui Hyun Lee paid $485,000 to Douglas and Rebecca Fellrath for property at 13200 Blue Canyon Circle, Oklahoma City, 73142.

David and Laura Eudey paid $480,000 to Bryan and Elizabeth Carlton for property at 908 Stagmoor Circle, Edmond, 73034.

Geo Chacko paid $480,000 to Kamal and Nadeen Sawan for property at 14916 Kurdson Way, Edmond, 73013.

James and Katharyne Hemphill paid $461,000 to Weokie Credit Union for property at 4017 Valley Creek Road, Edmond, 73034.

Christopher and Michelle Jenkins paid $447,500 to Custom Crafted Homes Inc. for property at 4624 Briar Forest Court, Edmond, 73025.

Doug and Jennifer Howeth paid $445,000 to Manchester Elite Homes LLC for property at 14617 Sedona Drive, Oklahoma City, 73142.

Christopher and Stacey Hathaway paid $440,000 to Mark and Lori Schwenke for property at 1700 Duxsford Court, Edmond, 73034.

Lance and Danielle Phillips paid $400,500 to McCaleb Homes Inc. for property at 2424 Wellington Way, Edmond, 73034.

Photo by Mark Hancock

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