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Best of Business 2015 Winners

Best of Business 2015 Winners

Each year, okc.BIZ presents Best of Business, a reader-driven nomination, voting and awards process that spans more than 20 categores, hundreds of nominees and thousands of votes. Click here to view photographs from the awards luncheon and photo booth. Be sure to check out 2015’s winners below. Best CPA or Accounting Firm Armstrong CPA Because

Best of Business 2014 Winners Lists

May 16, 2014 okc.BIZ presents Best of Business winners Presented by Comtech Readers have voted and the 2014 Best of Business winners are chosen! Each year through the okc.BIZ Best of Business program, the Oklahoma City metro recognizes businesses that beat expectations. Over the past year, readers voted for their most trusted business partners, vendors

Best of Business 2014 Winners

Best CPA or Accounting Firm Eide Bailly LLP There are few tasks as daunting to a business as keeping its books straight. One wrong number, one mistake and boom, there’s an IRS agent at the door. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted name that not only has the knowledge and experience to get