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How do individuals and organizations challenge the status quo to become the best leaders they can be? They read Renie Cavallari’s aspire…to lead: align. inspire. disrupt. and pass on their motivation to their community in order to start conversations about effective leadership.

Aspire…to lead contains practical challenges and tools leaders can use to hone their skills and stay competitive in the job market.

The book, which came out in December, covers topics like how to stay focused, how to share goals with the members of your organization, how to foster accountability in your co-workers and how to leverage the opportunities that come your way.

Aspire…to lead is meant to help employers, pastors, parents, teachers and others improve their leadership abilities first and then motivate them to share the book with their employees, congregations, children and students. The book will get readers thinking and discussing the advice in a community setting to engage and develop their peers.

Aspire…to lead [was] written to inspire leaders as they inspire the world,” Cavallari wrote.

Cavallari outlined four foundational skills for leaders and then discussed them in-depth.

“Leadership inspires people. Management facilitates people, processes and product. Coaching develops people to optimize productivity, and alignment supports a higher purpose,” Cavallari wrote.

Cavallari is the founder, CEO and chief instigator of Aspire, a strategic marketing and leadership training company based in Phoenix.

She uses her professional experience to emphasize the importance of building a company vision statement and shares Aspire as an example: “Touching lives. Awakening all that is possible in people and organizations.” I would suggest using full sentences in your organization’s vision statement, but the sentiment is certainly there.

In case you weren’t already sold on this book, the strong graphics and interactive elements kick the message into high gear. The book offers interactive discussion questions and worksheets at the end of each chapter so you can put what you have learned into practice immediately.

Cavallari used organizational techniques like bulleted and numbered lists, clear headings, short paragraphs and bold and underlined text. These strategies all speak to the visual appeal of the book. Furthermore, aspire…to lead is brimming with artistic photos of musicians and instruments because Cavallari compared great leaders to great orchestra conductors in that they have a vision, a strategy and inspiration.

She used buzz words like core values, passion and potential and paired them with active verbs to invoke vivid images in the reader’s mind.

Aspire…to lead uses language people can relate to in order to provide focus and clarity around what matters most for today’s business leaders to achieve and sustain success,” Cavallari said.

Cavallari’s techniques are backed by almost 20 years of research into pragmatic approaches to improve performance and interviews from other successful leaders.

She has also written aspire…to be and The Official Girlfriends’ Getaway Guide.

Aspire…to lead is available for purchase on Amazon for Kindle for $6.99 or in paperback for $12.99.  To learn more or to download the first chapter for free, visit

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