Best of Business 2014 Winners

Best CPA or Accounting Firm

Eide Bailly LLP

Eide Bailly vert 14mh

There are few tasks as daunting to a business as keeping its books straight. One wrong number, one mistake and boom, there’s an IRS agent at the door. That’s why it’s important to have a trusted name that not only has the knowledge and experience to get it right the first time but the customer service skills to be available when it comes down to the wire. Eide Bailly LLP is just that accounting firm.

Founded in 1917, it offers the core services of audit and assurance and tax, as well as numerous expanded services, including accounting services, cost segregation, employee benefits, enterprise risk management, financial services, forensic and valuation, health care reform and others.

It has 22 offices in 10 states. You don’t get that big without doing something right. Eide Bailly LLP understands this and consistently keeps that foundation of knowledge and experience it was founded on as its mission to deliver the best in accounting not only in Oklahoma but throughout America.

BOB Eide Bailly

Remaining Top 5

Cole & Reed, P.C.

Don Armstrong, Diamond Payroll Services, LLC

HoganTaylor LLP

Hyde & Company CPAs, PC

Best Commercial Law Firm

Crowe & Dunlevy

Crowe and Dunlevy 72sc

Professional. No other word truly describes the type of service clients receive when doing business with Crowe & Dunlevy. Since 1902, the firm has grown along with Oklahoma City, providing local businesses and national firms with exceptional counsel. With more than 110 years of experience and nearly 30 practice groups, Crowe & Dunlevy is one of the most experienced and established full-service legal firms in Oklahoma.

The firm’s clients enjoy access to attorneys who specialize in all areas of business law, with particular expertise in health care, energy and natural resources, banking and financial institutions, securities litigation, labor and employment, intellectual property, Indian law and gaming and real estate.

Throughout the years, the firm has received numerous accolades, including being recently recognized as the 2014 Oklahoma Firm of the Year by Benchmark Litigation, the annual guide to the country’s leading litigation firms and attorneys.

Remaining Top 5

BOB Cheek Falcone

Hartzog Conger Cason & Neville

McAfee & Taft

Tomlinson, Rust, McKinstry & Grable, P.C.

Best Commercial Bank

Bank of Oklahoma

Marc Maun, BOK CEO

Founded in 1910, Bank of Oklahoma has set itself apart from other financial institutions by providing exceptional financial expertise through nationally competitive products and services delivered in a personalized and responsive manner by a staff focused on delivering customized solutions to meet clients’ individual financial needs.

BOK has been a winner of the okcBIZ Best of Business numerous times because of the relationships it creates with its clients. One would think this might be difficult for a bank of this magnitude, but BOK has proved otherwise by always moving forward and adapting to the changing needs of its customers. BOK continues to develop product solutions that meet customers’ needs. Most recently, the BOK team has enhanced its suite of mobile apps, allowing for check deposit and account alerts through smart phones. While many other banks are stuck in the past, BOK strives to continually look toward the future.

Remaining Top 5


First Fidelity Bank

MidFirst Bank

Republic Bank & Trust


Best Information Technology Company

InterWorks, Inc.

Interworks All 3 offices 59mh

There are several distinct edges that InterWorks holds over the competition. In addition to being versatile, it delivers only the highest-quality services and solutions from a broad base of industry-leading technology partners. For most companies, these advantages are enough, but what really distinguishes InterWorks is the people it employs — people who are are knowledgeable, friendly and hardworking, building the solid reputation and foundation on which the company stands.

“We think readers and customers voted for us because we’ve made a positive impact on the way they do business,” CEO Behfar Jahanshahi said. “Our solutions are designed to help other businesses succeed. The work we perform isn’t just transactional; we’re committed to fostering close relationships with each and every client. We think our relationships are a huge reason why people took the time to vote for us. Taking that even further, we believe these relationships are what keep us succeeding in business.”

Remaining Top 5

BOB 3Nines

BOB Newcall

Resourceware, Inc.

DMC Services

Best Health Care Company


Integris 84sc

INTEGRIS Health is the state’s largest Oklahoma-owned health care corporation and one of the state’s largest private employers, with hospitals, rehabilitation centers, physician clinics, mental health facilities, fitness centers, independent living centers and home health agencies throughout much of the state. It’s one of most trusted health care companies in Oklahoma thanks to its long-standing tradition of providing the highest quality of care.

With a firm belief that quality is the highest priority, INTEGRIS is proud to bring outstanding health care services once only found in larger cities. And with many upcoming projects on the horizon, including the recent acquisition and joint venture with Lakeside Women’s Hospital, a significant strategic move for INTEGRIS Health in expanding its women’s services, it’s practically a given that INTEGRIS will continue to be the best health care company in Oklahoma for many years to come.

Remaining Top 5

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Oklahoma

Encompass Home Health & Hospice

LiveWell Family Chiropractic Center

OU Physicians

Best Commercial Real Estate Firm

Baker First Commercial Real Estate

Baker First 133mh

With experience in all facets of commercial real estate, from raw land to completely developed properties and all aspects therein, it’s Baker First’s laser-like focus on quality projects and superior service to its clients that keeps them in high demand.

What’s the key ingredient to its success? Innovation. Continually evolving over the years has helped Baker First better understand its clients’ needs and desires while always improving company systems and procedures. Its goal is to provide seamless communication from start to finish.

2014 is a repeat win for Baker First Commercial Real Estate, and as anyone in the business knows, it’s a hard enough award to achieve for one year, let alone two. But it’s not the awards that truly matter; it’s the people you help. And Baker First does that in spades.

Remaining Top 5

BOB Baker First

Cushman & Wakefield

Equity Commercial Realty, LLC

Keller Williams Realty, Inc. Mark McKee

Price Edwards & Company

Best Financing Source

Focus Federal Credit Union

Focus Fed Cred Union vert 42mh

The level of Focus’ commitment to its community definitely sets it apart from other financial institutions. From working with charities and beautification projects to offering umbrella escorts on rainy days, it’s no wonder the credit union took okc.BIZ’s top honors this year.

It all comes down to one thing: superior service. It isn’t something that is just in the mission statement; it’s something that permeates from the core of every dedicated team member Focus has the opportunity of having on its payroll — and its members can tell. Employees love to see a loan getting worked up. Focus has done away with that tiresome image of loans being approved and denied in a giant back office where an executive sits in an oversized leather chair.

With an attitude like that, it was only a matter of time before Focus would earn the top spot for best financing source.

BOB Focus Credit Union

Remaining Top 5

Bank of Oklahoma

Bank SNB

First Fidelity Bank

Tinker Federal Credit Union

Best Investment Advisor

Edward Jones

Edward Jones 08sc

Having built a name for itself with more than 90 years of experience, the first name in investing is Edward Jones. Founded on a set of core principles that focuses on the long-term individual investor, the firm has staked its reputation on the personal relationships it fosters with its clients. It’s not unusual for an Edward Jones adviser to meet or talk with a client regularly to maintain this relationship, always listening and maintaining an accessibility and belief that when it comes to your financial future, you’re going to need someone you can trust.

The firm’s investment philosophy focuses on quality investments, diversifying them and maintaining long-term perspective that are keys to reaching client goals. Edward Jones knows that it’s not enough to follow one or two of these elements — all three must work together to work. This approach helps clients reduce major disappointments along their financial journey.

Remaining Top 5

BOB Josh Parsons

Bank of Oklahoma

Michelle Coble, Odyssey Financial Group, LLC

RBK Capital, LLC

Best Commercial Insurance Agency or Broker

NFP Maschino, Hudelson & Associates

Mashino vert 16mh

NFP Maschino, Hudelson & Associates has the local experience and national presence to understand the ever-changing benefit needs of employers. This is one of the most important qualities that a commercial insurance agency can have, especially when it comes to a client’s needs. By recognizing the need for more than just the traditional employee benefit programs, Maschino offers strategic consulting with compliance planning, health and welfare programs, creative wellness solutions, HR services, ancillary benefits and much more.

Employee benefit programs are the fastest rising expense that most companies face today. Health care has become so complex that employers struggle to find the right mix between balancing benefit needs with economic realities. Maschino offers a robust suite of services to meet the individual needs of its clients and their employees. This understanding that client needs differ from time to time is the reason NFP Maschino, Hudelson & Associates stays current with industry demands, allowing it to consistently exceed client expectations.

Remaining Top 5

Garner Insurance

The Ledbetter Insurance Agency, Inc.

Professional Insurors Agency, LLC

State Farm

Best Advertising Agency

Skyline Media Group

Skyline horz 08mh

Skyline offers state-of-the art, in-house broadcast production coupled with a retail mindset and smart media insights geared to enhance its clients’ bottom line. This unique ability has helped its clients achieve unsurpassed success.

“Our creativity is the first thing many people notice about our agency, and we consistently help our clients distinguish themselves from their competitors,” said Skyline President Chad Stalcup. “We have hit the mark and influenced sales consistently in creative, production and media capacities for more than the past decade.”

Skyline’s Emmy award-winning work has been showcased around the world and has been featured in places like the pages of The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal and on CNN, ESPN, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, MTV, Fox News and local TV and radio stations. Skyline continues to grow by keeping its finger on the pulse of compelling and innovative ways to get campaigns successfully into the public eye, where they need to be.

Remaining Top 5

BOB McMahon

Campbell & Company Advertising

Trifecta Communications

VI Marketing and Branding

Best Graphic Design Firm


Nabeel Jamal owner of Nubz Design.Photo/Shannon Cornman

NubzDesign has been growing since 2011. That was the year it began offering graphic design services. That move led to printing, video and animation. All of the growth was driven by client needs. It saw a need for clients wanting a better, more economical printing option, and NubzDesign was more than happy to provide it to them.

Nabeel Jamal believes it is their service and commitment that sets the company apart.

“We take the time to understand our clients’ needs and work until they are happy,” Jamal said. “Let them nitpick to their hearts content so that they get something they are truly satisfied with. We are here for and because of our clients, so that’s who we take care of first.”

With a dependable commitment like that, coupled with its competitive cost-effectiveness, NubzDesign isn’t afraid to do something that hasn’t been done before.

Remaining Top 5

BOB Ocean Graphic Design

S Design, Inc.

SeeHawk Graphics & Web Design

VI Marketing and Branding

Best Public Relations Firm

Trifecta Communications

Trifecta Vert 67mh

Trifecta Communications honestly wants to change the world vicariously through its clients by being great partners. Whether that client is Great Expectations transforming education in Oklahoma, the Boy Scouts of America building the leaders of tomorrow or the City of Moore rallying Oklahomans after a devastating tornado, Trifecta invests in making an impact.

It started as a video production house in CEO Brent Wheelbarger’s house, and the company motto has always been to “create innovation that makes money and changes the world.”

It’s something the company takes very seriously and applies not only to Trifecta but also to its clients. Trifecta wants its clients to change the world and be innovative and, of course, profitable. Trifecta gives them that one tiny push to do just that.

Remaining Top 5

Anglin Public Relations

Jones Public Relations, Inc.


SYN3RGY Creative Group

Best Promotional Product Company

Moisant Promotional Products

Moisant wide 04mh

Whether it’s a shirt with a company’s name embroidered on it, a coffee cup with a logo or pens that display that ever-important website address, Moisant Promotional Products has you covered.

A full-service promotional products, advertising specialties and trade show giveaway company offering a wide range of products with logos, apparel, screen print and embroidery, Moisant’s team has made it its mission to help clients find cost-effective ways to market and promote businesses with custom promotional items that speak to both customers and clients.

Locally and family owned since 1990, Moisant has been a Best of Business winner for seven years straight, and it’s easy to see why: their customers appreciate the level of service they provide and acknowledging that is the best way to say thank you. Don’t expect the company to rest on its laurels, though; Moisantwill continue growing and using the technology necessary to stay ahead of the game.

Remaining Top 5

Homer Miller Company

Integrity Promotional Solutions, LLC

IPGI IMAGENation Promotional Group, Inc.

ROBYN Promotions

Best Construction Company

Alliance Roofing & Construction

Alliance Roofing and Const 19sc

When it comes time to construct a dream, businesses need a commercial construction company they can trust, a company that won’t overcharge them, cut corners or fail to complete the task on time. Alliance Roofing & Construction has built a name for itself by filling that need.

There are plenty of Oklahoma City roofing companies to choose from, but Alliance strives to be more than just a top-quality roofing company; with more than 100 years of combined experience in the company, it has the expertise to properly execute just about any job and offers multiple professional services in the residential and commercial industries.

As many remember from last May’s spate of terrible weather, the roofing industry was needed more than ever, and the team at Alliance rose to the occasion by offering honest and reliable service that only furthered its goodwill in the business community. And with more bad weather likely in the future, Alliance will only continue to live up to this well-earned award.

Remaining Top 5

BOB Lippert Bros

J. E. Dunn Construction Group, Inc.

Manhattan Construction Group

Timberlake Construction Co.

Best Commercial Architecture Firm or Design Company

Frankfurt-Short-Bruza Associates, P.C.

Frankfurt Short Bruza 03sc

Frankfurt-Short-Bruza Associates, P.C. has prospered and grown under three generations of leadership since opening in 1945. Because of its reputation for great service and quality and award-winning design, FSB competes and wins national projects against companies 100 times its size. It does this by specializing in providing high-quality architectural-engineering services that exceed ordinary expectations across many sectors, including aviation, corporate, civic, cultural, education, federal, Native American and infrastructure.

A trusted name with a rich history in Oklahoma City, FSB is best known for designs that withstand the test of time, as well as its legacy of the highest caliber industry leadership throughout its 69 years in business. Basing operations in Central Oklahoma provides FSB with unique opportunities as both a business and a community member. With ongoing projects across the country and in Oklahoma, FSB’s centralized location allows the firm to provide high-quality service for clients and a high quality of life for its team.

Remaining Top 5


Fitzsimmons Architects


TAP Architecture

Best Meeting or Event Planning

factor 110 | Destination Oklahoma | 110 events

Brian Ferrell

For many people, one of the most hectic, nerve-racking tasks is trying to put on a meeting or event. Between finding a location and hiring a caterer, it’s a massive effort that the team at factor 110 is more than happy to take off your hands. Providing service, value and creativity is the reason for its “four factors,” the elements of loyalty, communication, honesty, and experience that guide its service-driven team to take the stress out of managing your next event, association, or destination.

These four tenets have made factor 110 the No. 1 regional leader in event, association and destination management.

The company has two warehouses of inventory, a showroom and a design studio. Through its unique products and services, factor 110 is committed to being a trendsetter in the industry, understanding client needs, exploring creative approaches and respecting a mission and budget.

Remaining Top 5

BOB Corys

Marianne’s Rentals for Special Events

PDC Productions

Plan Ahead Events

Best Venue for an Event or Meeting

National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum

Cowboy Hall of Fame 11sc

The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum opened its doors in 1965 and has offered facility rental services for more than 25 years to those looking for a high-class piece of true Americana and Oklahoma history with which to surround themselves. It offers in-house audio/visual support by Little Orchard Sound, a team that has been a partner of the museum since 1994. The majority of events consist of fundraisers, awards banquets and seminars for nonprofits, major companies, private corporations and associations.

Besides the distinguished surroundings, what keeps the museum’s clients all roped and rustled is high-quality service. It strives to be an easy venue to work with by offering full day setups, ease of load in, vendor flexibility and accessibility of staff, as well as frequent updates to the venue.

So giddy-up and assure a successful experience for your clients as they live out their cowboy fantasies while giving you the rootinest, tootinest event you’ll ever have the pleasure of holding.

Remaining Top 5

The Hamilton Event Center

Reed Conference Center

Skirvin Hilton Hotel

Will Rogers Theatre

Best Place for a Company Party/Picnic/Retreat/Outing

Oklahoma City Zoo

Oklahoma City Zoo 41sc

Whether you’re 8 or 80, who doesn’t enjoy a fun time at the zoo? That’s right: nobody. And to go as an adult, as part of a company party, is even better. Following the trails with work pals, looking at the monkeys, tigers and bears while patiently waiting to get one of those wax-sculpted figures to place on your desk to always bring up memories of that fun day? Now that’s priceless.

Offering both taxable and nontaxable group rates, it’s a competitive, cost-effective way for employees to cut loose and get wild with the animals. For groups of 25 or more, the zoo offers an ever better package: the motor coach special, an all-inclusive package that includes zoo admission, a catered lunch and safari tram tickets. There’s no better way to get the full view of the zoo and not have to worry about anything other than coming up with the courage to brave the snake and spider exhibits.

Remaining Top 5

Andy Alligator’s Fun Park

Boathouse District

Chickasaw Bricktown Ballpark

Frontier City

Best Staffing Service Provider

PeopleSource Staffing Professionals

Left, Claudia Mejia, Jeri Burlison, and Elida Miranda.   mh

An office is only as good as its staff. And an office can’t function without them. So who do Oklahomans call when they have a spot they need to fill ASAP? PeopleSource, of course.

Employing consistent communication with its clients and a keen eye toward great customer service, its highly qualified candidates have saved many a day for businesses in need. PeopleSource speaks with its clients extensively about what their specific requirements are, helping them find the perfect fit for each and every job. Businesses know PeopleSource won’t let them down.

Founded in Oklahoma City in 2002, the company has eight offices throughout Oklahoma, Arkansas, Colorado and Tennessee, offering opportunities in professional office support, banquet service, customer service, technical, light industrial and all types of skilled labor with placement positions ranging from short- and long-term contracts to temp-to-hire or direct hire.

Remaining Top 5

Accel Financial Staffing

Express Employment Professionals

LSG Staffing, LLC

Principal Technologies

Best Adult Education

Francis Tuttle Technology Center

Instructor Carlos Martinez cover crop91sc

Francis Tuttle Technology Center is widely regarded as the premier facility for adult education in Oklahoma. It actively looks for opportunities to provide training that meets the needs of both employers and individuals.

The center constantly asks advisory committee members to report any changes in their respective industries that will keep future employees ready to walk out their doors and straight into the workplace.

Francis Tuttle also places emphasis on soft skills — things that many might take for granted, such as communication, teamwork and collaboration, conflict resolution and many others that are more than necessary in today’s workplace.

It’s with a thoughtful focus and attitude toward the real-life situations that adults continuing their education come across on a daily basis that Francis Tuttle is more than happy to help guide them through, ensuring skills and attitudes that will only continue to strengthen Oklahoma’s workforce.

Remaining Top 5

Metro Technology Centers

Moore Norman Technology Center

Oklahoma City Community College

Oklahoma University Outreach

Best Commercial Printer

QuikPrint of Oklahoma City, Inc.

Quick Print OKC headquarters on Charter Rd.Photo/Shannon Cornman

Few commercial printers would use the word passionate to describe their business. But that’s exactly how QuikPrint describes itself. It’s probably the reason the company has achieved such loyalty, longevity and popularity in Oklahoma City.

Founded in 1968, QuikPrint prides itself on its employees most of all. The people who work there have passion and integrity and are genuinelyfriendly, professional and knowledgeable, caring about each project.

“Quik started in a garage. We now have six Oklahoma City locations and affiliates across the nation but are still family owned and operated,” Michael Moore, Nichols Hills location manager, said. “What started as a one-press operation has turned into a fleet of presses, copiers, large format and mailing capabilities. There isn’t much we can’t do to assist our customers with their needs.”

And that’s true passion for what you do.

Remaining Top 5

Heritage, The Integrated Resource

Impressions Printing

Southwestern Printing

The Printers of Oklahoma, LLC

Best Web Design and Services

Levant Technologies, LLC

That's Stacey Eads up front, lost the other guys' IDs, could find out.

Levant Technologies has been in business 11 strong years and serves more than 450 clients throughout the Oklahoma City metro area with beautifully designed websites and innovative smart phone apps. What sets Levant apart from its competition, however, is its written set of family values toward integrity,flexibility and customer experience.

It’s with these four ideals that Levant believes makes a positive impact on the economy and many families’ livelihood by helping local Oklahoma City business owners, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. The only reason the company builds websites and apps is to serve a greater cause within society. And it has been a success so far. Last year alone, Levant Technologies successfully celebrated the launch of 64 projects in only 52 weeks. That’s an incredible 500% growth in just the last two years.

And there’s even more to come as Levant grows from the grassroots upward, continually innovating technology while simultaneously giving back to reality.

Remaining Top 5

Funnel Design Group

InterWorks, Inc.

SYN3RGY Creative Group

VI Marketing and Branding

Best Office Furniture

Stow’s Office Furniture

Stows Office Furniture 16sc

As bad as it sounds, people do judge books by their covers, and a potential client could be judging whether or not to do business with you based solely on the office you occupy. Is it full of cheap, junkie furniture that looks more like something from a teenager’s dorm room than a professional, working business atmosphere? You need Stow’s Office Furniture, and you need it now.

Offering the best in new, pre-owned and modular furniture, it’s hard to imagine that Stow’s has grown from a handful of rented mini-storage units to a 60,000-square-foot showroom in Oklahoma City, a 37,000-square-foot warehouse and a 36,000-square-foot showroom in Tulsa. This growth, according to Stow’s, is a direct result of dedicated employees and a loyal customer base. It’s the reason the company believes its customers are its best advertisers.

Remaining Top 5

ABC Enterprises Inc.

Copelin’s Office Center

Scott Rice

Smart Image Systems

Best Fleet Auto Sales/Leasing/Service

Bob Moore Auto Group Fleet/Commercial Sales

Ford trucks on the Bob Moore fleet lot at SE 89th and I-35.  mh

One of the best perks of a job has to be a company car. Not only is it a source of reliability on the employer’s part, but it also keeps the employee from having to put unreasonable dollars into the care and wear of his or her personal vehicle. If you don’t think that’s something that matters, talk to someone who is constantly on the road for a company.

Or better yet, talk to the folks at Bob Moore. It’s of the most reputable auto dealers in Oklahoma, and it has an entire department dedicated to fleet vehicles. This is because it understands that its business customers have volume pricing needs that have to work within their budgets without sacrificing quality.

But more importantly, the dealership has an extensive inventory to meet any business’ needs and is able to offer fleet savings because of its cost-saving focus on local businesses.

Remaining Top 5

Bob Howard Dodge Fleet / Commercial

Cooper Automotive Group Fleet Sales

Hudiburg Auto Group Fleet & Commercial Sales

Reynolds Auto Group Fleet Sales

Best Travel Agency

Travel Leaders Bentley Hedges Travel

Travel Leaders Bently Hedges Travel 50mh

In a world where more people are using the Internet to book travel, Travel Leaders Bentley Hedges Travel continues to grow. After all, a computer can’t build a relationship with you and your travel needs the way a human can. Along with extensive experience, knowledge of destinations, longevity and stability, Bentley Hedges’ personal relationships with clients allow the company to deliver an outstanding travel experience, partnering solidly with vendors that are trusted leaders in the industry.

And can a computer really, truly anticipate your needs like humans can? Travel Leaders Bentley Hedges Travel has continued to adapt to the many changes in the travel industry over the last 44 years, using current technology with a singularly human touch to give its team more time to focus on clients’ expectations. Experience like that can’t be downloaded or programmed, only earned. And Bentley Hedges has earned every accolade deservedly.

Remaining Top 5


Big Sky Travel Source

Journey House Travel, Inc.

Prime Time Travel