Array Boutique opens on Western Avenue

Michelle Martin and Christina Rivera pose for a photo at Array Boutique in Oklahoma City. (Garett Fisbeck)

Michelle Martin and Christina Rivera pose for a photo at Array Boutique in Oklahoma City. (Garett Fisbeck)

A new upscale vendor boutique that focuses on Oklahoma-centric products has recently opened in the Western Avenue District.

Co-owners Christina Rivera and Michelle Martin recently opened Array & Co. at 4415 N. Western Ave., just north of Musashi’s.

Whereas products must be designed or made by Oklahomans to find a place in the store, Rivera and Martin have sought out all the vendors that Array features on their own. The shop will sell items like shoes, jewelry and furniture.

“Everything that is in our store is made or designed by Oklahomans. We have Pretty Girls 4 Christ, [P&R] Rock – N – Wood furniture, Felicity Jewelry [Designs], 7th & West jewelry and my jewelry line, Faith Forgiveness,” Rivera said.

The list continues with a selection of artwork, sugar scrubs and candles.

“We also have handmade rosaries,” Rivera added. “Those are really hard to find.”

While Rivera isn’t a native Oklahoman, the twenty years she has spent in the state transcend her roots, and she feels strongly about representing small business owners and Oklahoma vendors at her new store.

“Michelle and I always wanted to have a store. We wanted to do something to help our families and help the community and also help promote small business owners,” Rivera said. “To be able to come into something like this and have a higherend product, get it sold and possibly grow into something bigger than our store. They [Array vendors] don’t have to worry about overhead. They don’t have to worry about personnel and insurance.”

Martin also elaborated more on the significance of as well as the decision behind Array only offering products made or designed by Oklahomans.

“Since day one, we’ve wanted to be in Oklahoma. We want to help Oklahomans and promote Oklahomans,” Martin said. “There is no reason for us to go outside of the state when we have got it here. We are very selective of our vendors.

Rivera and Martin feel strongly about the foot traffic in their location and are hopeful for the increase that might accompany some renaissance in the district.

“We love being in the Western Avenue District, especially because they are having the revitalization and painting new murals,” Rivera said.

While the renewal has taken place cosmetically throughout the Western Avenue District, Rivera and Martin are also excited about revitalizing events as well. The pair is focused on implementing a Third Thursday during which shops and restaurants stay open late and live music and events take place throughout the district.

“We are really pushing to get Third Thursday to be a big deal like Shop Hop over in Automobile Alley,” Rivera said. “We’re really trying to partner up with some of the other stores and restaurants.”

Martin and Rivera believe all of these improvements will help bring more people to their part of Western.

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