Real estate power couple represents OKC Oct. 8 on HGTV

Buyer Dangora (left) with real estate agents Denise and Troy Schroder (Provided)

Buyer Dangora (left) with real estate agents Denise and Troy Schroder (Provided)

Within about one minute of talking with Denise Schroder it is very clear that she loves her job. Denise is one half of The Schroder Real Estate Group, a pair of dynamic realtors that are on the top of the game in the Oklahoma City metro. Denise and husband Troy got their start in real estate two years ago.

Within their first year, they were in the top 10 in their market center. They sold 40 homes and placed in the Keller William’s Elite Market Center.

The couple and their successful business caught the eye of the Home and Garden Network’s (HGTV). The couple will appear on an episode of House Hunters on Oct. 8.

House Hunters is a network reality television series that features one buyer and his/her realtors as they search for a new home. Although they were never given the particulars, she has a pretty good idea of what made them stand out.

“Our energy and our creativity [caught their eye], and the buyer we have is just fabulous,” she said.

She produces a photograph of a couple in party hats with noise makers in an office setting with Denise behind them, all three beaming. Across the top is written: Time to celebrate!

“The other part is this picture, they loved that, it’s so different and authentic. She [the producer] said she’d never seen something like that. Having fun is important, and when we’re at the closing table that’s when it’s time to let loose.”

The buyer, Dominic Dangora, is an OKC resident who was ready to take the leap from apartment living to a home. He is retired military, originally from Boston and a mortgage lender. Dangora and the Schroders came to know each other through their work. When the time came to search for a house, the Schroders were his first choice.

“Buying a house is intimidating, and it can be terrifying, especially for first time buyers, you need someone you can count on that gets that,” Denise said. “First-time buyers are my favorite.”

Troy and Denise Schroder (Provided)

Troy and Denise Schroder (Provided)

The Schroders also wanted to highlight OKC as a guest on the show, and adequately represent their home city. They spent most of a day with Denise showing them the various sights and shooting the city. Her passion for the city especially shines through when she’s talking about how others perceive OKC.

“I feel like we [Oklahoma City] gets pigeonholed, and I really wanted to give them the tour, we gave them different landmarks and they highlighted our city, I thought that was really cool,” she said.

As for representing our city on the national stage, the Schroders are humbled and excited at the same time. They see the potential for growth and change that our city has, as well as how much it has evolved over the past decade.

“The response has been overwhelming, we’ve been in six different papers, it was harder work than I thought, but it was a lot of fun,” Denise said.

They plan to have a watch party, complete with several hundreds of friends.

“We got a huge projector and invited about 500 of our friends, a lot of them we met as clients, they are our friends,” she said.

The show airs on HGTV Wednesday, Oct. 8 at 9 p.m.

Devon Green

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