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Best Web Design and Services

Levant Technologies, LLC

Levant Technology vert 74mh.wideaLevant Technologies has been in business 11 strong years and serves more than 450 clients throughout the Oklahoma City metro area with beautifully designed websites and innovative smart phone apps. What sets Levant apart from its competition, however, is its written set of family values toward integrity,flexibility and customer experience.

It’s with these four ideals that Levant believes makes a positive impact on the economy and many families’ livelihood by helping local Oklahoma City business owners, nonprofits, and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams. The only reason the company builds websites and apps is to serve a greater cause within society. And it has been a success so far. Last year alone, Levant Technologies successfully celebrated the launch of 64 projects in only 52 weeks. That’s an incredible 500% growth in just the last two years.

And there’s even more to come as Levant grows from the grassroots upward, continually innovating technology while simultaneously giving back to reality.

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