Best Investment Advisor


Best Investment Advisor

Edward Jones

Edward Jones 08sc.wideaHaving built a name for itself with more than 90 years of experience, the first name in investing is Edward Jones. Founded on a set of core principles that focuses on the long-term individual investor, the firm has staked its reputation on the personal relationships it fosters with its clients. It’s not unusual for an Edward Jones adviser to meet or talk with a client regularly to maintain this relationship, always listening and maintaining an accessibility and belief that when it comes to your financial future, you’re going to need someone you can trust.

The firm’s investment philosophy focuses on quality investments, diversifying them and maintaining long-term perspective that are keys to reaching client goals. Edward Jones knows that it’s not enough to follow one or two of these elements — all three must work together to work. This approach helps clients reduce major disappointments along their financial journey.

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