okcBIZ goes fully digital

Print version merges with Oklahoma Gazette after this issue

Heralding a transformation of its business publications, Tierra Media Group President and CEO Bill Bleakley is announcing plans to merge the monthly print version of okcBIZ into its largest publication, Oklahoma Gazette, after publication of this issue of the magazine.

The company will enhance and enlarge the magazine’s website, okc.biz, to reflect current trends and news in the Central Oklahoma business sector. To serve its younger, engaged readership, the website will report more hyper-local breaking items of interest to that demographic.

“Five years ago, the conversion of our business newspaper, OKCBusiness, into our monthly magazine, okcBIZ, was highly successful. We’ve determined in our strategic planning that our print readers can now be best served by combining the print publications and further developing the web presence of our publications,” Bleakley says.

The changes do not result in a reduction in staff. The okcBIZ print staff roles have been redefined to fit into the company’s new directions.

“The exciting plans for expansion of our media platforms adds to the celebration of the company’s 35th anniversary in 2014. Oklahoma Gazette, the state’s largest Oklahoma-owned newspaper, provides a firm foundation on which to further strengthen our presence in the market with these changes,” Bleakley reflected.

“Our business content in okcBIZ has evolved through the participation of readers, advertisers and staff, and we plan to incorporate selected popular content and events from the magazine into the newspaper and websites,” Bleakley said.

Oklahoma Gazette’s strategic plan for 2014 also includes expanding and enhancing its multimedia digital presence across a variety of platforms online and throughout social media.

The company will combine selected popular content of okcBIZ magazine into Oklahoma Gazette this spring. Continuing rollouts of digital and social media developments will occur throughout 2014.

Tierra Media Group is transferring okcBIZ subscription fee balances to FOI Oklahoma unless a subscriber submits a refund request by April 30, 2014. FOI Oklahoma is a statewide organization actively supporting those organizations and individuals working to open public records or provide access to public meetings illegally closed. Requests should provide the subscriber’s name and address as shown on their mailing label and be submitted at www.okc.biz/subscriptions.

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