Fittest Execs: Female Under 45 winner, Tiffany McGowen


McGowen has always been active, going back to childhood, when she developed a love of the outdoors and experienced the adrenaline rush one feels after an intense workout.

These days, she stays active each day, whether it be playing football or soccer with her son, kickboxing or simply taking the family dog for a walk.

At lunchtime, she is often found taking a boot camp class at Paycom, but her workouts don’t begin and end there. She goes to 9Round in Edmond on Saturdays and works out in her home gym several times each week.

“I love how I feel when I am active and eating well,” she says. “I think more clearly, and I am more productive.”

Working out alone proves to be a time for McGowen to decompress and strategize on an elliptical machine or by going on a walk. In a class — be it kickboxing, weightlifting or cardio — she loves the competitive nature but finds she competes most fiercely with herself.

To stay healthy, she drinks a lot of water and loads up on proteins and fruits during the day.

“I am somewhat a creature of habit and enjoy simple foods,” she says. “I eat oatmeal for breakfast and follow that up with a nut and fruit snack midmorning.”

That is followed by a healthy lunch and a mid-afternoon snack. Dinner is usually heavy on protein with a small dessert at the end.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who doesn’t work out but wants to start?

Find something that you enjoy doing and accept that results do not happen immediately. Anything in life worth having requires hard work and determination, so commit and don’t quit!

What is your guilty pleasure?

Any kind of chocolate!

RUNNER UP: Katherine Buxton, 39




up, Buxton participated in competitive swimming and field hockey and
was captain of her college field hockey team. Her focus on fitness
didn’t end when she earned her degree.

“Since college, I have run two marathons and competed in several triathlons,” she says.

still works out five to six times each week, and from August through
October, she coaches high school field hockey every day in addition to
her workouts. Those workouts include things like boot camp, running
outside two days each week and spin class twice each month.

like to mix it up,” she says. “Boot camp is different every day. We
push weights, jump on tires, do handstands against the wall, do perfect
burpees, run on steep inclines, really anything you can think of. I try
to do a set of six core exercises after every boot camp workout.”

finds that extra motivation from working out with a group. Her workout
group challenges and encourages her, and that is why she wakes up at
5:30 a.m. most mornings to work out with her friends.

am a competitive person and always have been,” she says. “The person
next to me doing more sit-ups or running faster always motivates me. But
as I have gotten older, I have learned how to push myself from within. I
do a lot of self-talk when I’m exercising. I encourage myself
throughout every workout.”

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