Live and Let Dine

Grand House

2701 N. Classen Blvd. 524-7333

My family’s go-to spot for Sunday brunch is Grand House, a creative, contemporary, pan-Asian take on the traditional dim sum tea house. My husband always orders the tapioca with honey-dew juice and jalapeno shrimp, and sometimes I’ll add a side of sushi. The sideshow is seeing everyone reach at once for the plate of barbecue sticky buns and watching my 5-year-old master the chopsticks.

The Metro Wine Bar & Bistro

6418 N. Western 840-9463

If you and I grab a business lunch together, chances are it will be at The Metro, where the elegant atmosphere facilitates conversation. My favorites include the beet salad with pickled onions, goat cheese and pistachios and the sublimely simple filet of tilapia with citrus butter. Partake of an Arnold Palmer, and be sure to sample the peerless peppermint ice cream.

Boulevard Cafeteria

525 N.W. 11th 239-6861

My desert-island restaurant will always be Boulevard, where the comfort-food faves are Grandma-worthy chicken and dumplings and a dazzling array of pies. The irresistible, tender fried chicken is lovingly crusted with housemade bread crumbs, as if it were grownup gourmet fare. For here, as generations of satisfied kids of all ages will attest, it certainly is.

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