Live and Let Dine

Jeff’s Country Cafe

3401 N. Classen Blvd. 605-6645

Nothing reminds me of my grandfather more than breakfast at a diner. Jeff’s Country Cafe has everything you want in a diner experience: black coffee in an old mug, orange juice in a red cup, the Country Scramble (two biscuits topped with sausage, scrambled eggs and gravy) and a waitress who calls you “honey.”

Signature Grill

1317 E. Danforth 330-4548

The setting is intimate; the service, exquisite; and the food is easily some of the best in the metro. Slow-dine starting with flash-fried calamari, move on to the tomato crab bisque, and then try the tenderloin with smoked blue cheese and grilled asparagus. You will not leave unsatisfied.

Pho Ca Dao

2431 N. Classen Blvd. 521-8819

Oklahoma City’s Asian District is a cultural treat, and one of my favorite places there is Pho Ca Dao. The spring rolls are always made fresh, and I could eat a bowl of pho every day. Being a creature of habit, I get shrimp rolls and the P13 (sliced pork pho) every time.


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