Day in the Life


May 8, 2013

5:30 a.m.: Waking up hearing one of my favorite bass guitar players, Wayman Tisdale. I like to listen to his music because I want to play my bass guitar like him. Also, getting my prayers in for the day.

6 a.m.: Just picked up my bass guitar, thinking I am going to play my bass better than Tisdale. After 25 minutes of playing my bass, I have realized that I am not as good as him, but I am good. I think I will just stay with playing my bass at church. However, I might need to have an agent.

6:35 a.m.: Getting ready for my day. Grooming finished. I can see me on the cover of Ebony or Jet magazine.

7:30 a.m.: Reading emails, newspaper stories and listening to the news.

8 a.m.: Off to my office at City Hall. It’s going to be a great day. I am listening to 92.1 FM, the Tom Joyner morning show. I need to be on there talking about the great things we have to offer here in Oklahoma City. I will make the call soon.

8:30 a.m.: I arrive at City Hall. We are going to make things happen for the people of Ward 7. Just received a call telling me that Don Peebles, who is the No. 1 African-American real estate developer, has accepted an invitation to come to Oklahoma City. I’m thinking very big. I see development all over Ward 7. I need to form a team to host him. Maybe he will do some developments in Oklahoma City Ward 7. I am thinking of a hotel and retail development. How can I forget a full-size grocery store? This is major news. Not bad for only being a city councilman for a month. Who knows who I will be able to bring in to look at doing some development projects in Ward 7?

8:45 a.m.: Calling Greater Oklahoma City Chamber and the Alliance for Economic Development of Oklahoma City to see if they will help me host Mr. Peebles. They just agreed. Watch out now. Change is coming to Ward 7.

9 a.m.: Meeting with Anita Arnold with BLAC. They are gearing up for the 28th Annual Charlie Christian International Music Festival, a jazz festival. I am going to be there with my bass. Just joking.

9:45 a.m.: Driving to the Springlake Patrol Division. I am listening to 92.1 FM’s open mic show.

10 a.m.: Arrive at the Springlake Division. I am in a meeting with Major Jennings, Capt. Butler and Deputy Chief Jester. We are talking about public safety. I look forward to doing ride-alongs with the police.

Noon: Drive time back to City Hall. I am now listening to Toby Keith. Maybe I can play my bass guitar with his band. Never know.

12:30 p.m.: Back at City Hall.

1 p.m.: Meeting up with Russell Claus, director of planning for the city. This is going to be fun. We are going on a tour of Ward 7. Wow … he is going to be doing the driving. He is not a bad driver. He brings one of his staff members with him. We see the need for full development of Ward 7. It’s time to make the change.

3 p.m.: Arrive back at City Hall. Had a good time planning things for Ward 7. Russell has a great staff.

4 p.m.: Talk to the mayor’s chief of staff, Steve Hill.

4:15 p.m.: Leaving City Hall.

5 p.m.: Call time with neighborhood association presidents. There are 86 Neighborhoods in Ward 7. A lot of calling to do.

6 p.m.: Drive time to Faith Memorial Baptist Church to attend the Oklahoma Progressive Baptist State Convention.

6:30 p.m.: Arrive. Time to have some church. Their convention is pretty good.

7 p.m.: I am up giving greetings. I am talking about how we are going to improve Ward 7 as a team. Faith-based community will play an important part of it. I almost started preaching. I just received a standing applause. Let the church say, “Amen.”

9:30 p.m.: President Dorn of the convention just recognized me and others in his sermon and gave me an award for outstanding work in the community.

11 p.m.: Almost benediction time. The presiding officer of the convention told the members that I stayed the whole time, and the people stood up and clapped. A job well done. There is a blessing in the benediction, as my pastor always told me.

11:45 p.m.: Arrive at home and fall asleep in my suit while reading in my chair.

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