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Seeing nearly 100 patients a day, the Edmond chiropractor had little time to focus on growing his business. He had even less time to educate patients the way he wanted to.

Now, Millspaugh’s 3,000-patient base runs on Twitter, Facebook and texting — and most importantly, SpokesME. The technology has freed up more time for him to do what he wants to do.

Jay Wright created SpokesME to help businesses like Millspaugh’s leverage available social-media outlets into cheap, modern-day, word-of-mouth advertising.

SpokesME came together in 2011 after Wright had completed a decade in the financial services industry. He played bocce ball at Deep Fork Grill one afternoon and posted a picture on Facebook and Twitter.

“The next day, I met with 12 people I don’t interact with that much, but were connected with on social media, and 10 of 12 asked how the bocce ball tournament was,” Wright says. “I just sat there in awe at the fact I had advertised for that brand as a social spokesperson and there should be some type of technology platform that could engage that type of advertising.”

So Wright decided to invent one. The company quickly began working with college admission departments to help them collect information other than from physical cards. A branded app for each department was created to keep tabs on their prospects, aggregate data and reach the desired audiences.

Colleges were also where Wright tapped into some of his greatest spokespeople: students.

A former door-to-door college textbook salesman, Wright streamlined his own sales process with the help of the energetic students who help businesses through his cross-platform concept. Each solution they create for a business gets them paid.

From tweeting about companies to liking their Facebook pages, Wright says businesses are starting to understand the power of social media.

Millspaugh has embraced it, and so have his patients.

New clients are able to fill out their newpatient paperwork on their smartphone or home computer without having to show up the obligatory 30 minutes early. With the help of SpokesME, the data is flowed directly into Millspaugh’s computer system.

“Trying to make a phone call to that many patients gets hard to keep up with,” Millspaugh says. “I saw it as a way to get information to my patients and keep them educated with what I can help them with.”

Wright says the beauty of SpokesME is that virtually everyone is a potential client. Anyone looking for additional clients or needing a better way to stay in touch with those clients could benefit.

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or a custom-designed app, clients are able to engage their customers in a format they’re already on every day.

“Generally, you can do speaking engagements, classes, trade shows and classes in your office, but to be able to actually educate your patients in a quick, simple way and get them the information they need and not eat up their time is what drew me,” Millspaugh says.

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