Best Places To Work 2012

Large Company

Capital One Auto Finance – Large 1

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: McLean, Va.


Year Founded: 1988

CEO: Richard D. Fairbank

Status: Public

Full-Time Employees in State: 384

Part-Time Employees in State: 2

cash flows at for smart and savvy employees. Those working in
collections have a “bank” incentive program. Associates who promise to
collect a certain amount of funds find themselves rewarded. Accounts
that are rolled out are deducted from the bank.

banks are calculated to find an average amount, and associates receive
incentives based on the percentage of the average in their cap. Better
yet, there’s no cap on the amount of the bonus an associate can receive.

program offers associates and managers the chance to leverage a
spot-bonus program. For extraordinary contributions, employees are
recognized throughout the year with gift cards and cash bonuses.

fat wallets are encouraged, fat tummies are not. Associates receive
gift cards for wellness-related activities and annual health assessments
to test blood pressure and cholesterol levels. A “Biggest Loser”
weight-loss competition is open to everyone. The company helps
associates shed pounds by offering healthy recipes, weight loss tips and
biweekly weigh-ins.

For those looking to climb the
corporate ladder, the company’s “Manager in Training” program takes
budding managers and provides mentors and coaching as those individuals
take on more responsibilities and assignments.

Cancer Treatment Center of America – Large 2

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Schaumburg, Ill.


Year Founded: 1988

CEO: Steve Mackin

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 662

Part-Time Employees in State: 66

takes care of you better than your mother? And while your mother may
not be a cancer expert in your time of need, uses its patented “Mother
Standard” of care that empowers each employee to provide the same care a
loving mother would give to her child.

Patients come
from near and far for cutting-edge treatments, including advanced forms
of surgery, radiation, chemotherapy and imaging services combined with
nutrition, spiritual support, mind-body medicine and naturopathic

Employees are encouraged to keep themselves
healthy with a $600 annual vitamin and supplement benefit. An annual
bonus program is in place for each stakeholder for meeting individual
and department goals.

To further broaden the center’s
reach, a Spanish-speaking initiative is in place, giving employees the
opportunity to learn the language to better serve the Hispanic

Longevity in five-year increments is
rewarded. At an annual awards dinner, those who have reached a milestone
receive a certificate, a pin and a monetary bonus. Five years equals
$100; 10 years equals $250; the 15-year bonus is $500; and for 20 years
of service, the center cuts a check for $750.

Edward Jones – Large 3

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: St. Louis


Year Founded: 1922

Managing Partner: Jim Weddle

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 465

Part-Time Employees in State: 13

Jones might be able to boast about having the most branch offices of
any financial services firm in the nation, but what makes the company
proud is not the number of associates, but the connection it shares with

And while keeping up with nearly 11,000 U.S.
locations might be difficult for some businesses, Edward Jones literally
makes its employees part of it by offering every associate the chance
to own a piece of the company and become a partner.

in the face of economic difficulties, Edward Jones maintains its
commitment to both employees and investors, opening new branches
throughout the country.

Keeping clients stress-free is a
big part of the firm’s mission, and providing its hardworking financial
advisers ways to decompress is equally important. Each year, they can
earn all-expense-paid trips to exotic locations across the globe, and
throughout the year, associates engage in friendly competition to win
gift cards or a trip to company headquarters in St. Louis.

to individuals is rivaled only by care for community. “Volunteerism is a
fundamental part of our culture,” says a company spokesperson.

it is – so much so that while waiting for in-transition offices to be
open, Edward Jones may pay associates to volunteer full-time.

Encompass Home Health – Large 4

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Dallas


Year Founded: 1998

CEO: April Anthony

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 355

Part-Time Employees in State: 153

about living up to your name! In its 14 years of business, has grown
to embody a standard of well-being that includes both clients and

Its stated mission is to “provide the
highest quality of innovative skilled nursing and therapy services to
patients,” but no one can argue that Encompass employees aren’t equally
well cared for.

Every year, several employees nominated
by their peers from the 100 office locations throughout Oklahoma,
Texas, New Mexico, Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Oregon are selected to
attend a prestigious recognition banquet. Awards including Caregiver of
the Year, Clinician of the Year and Ambassador of the Year are presented
by the company’s CEO.

Others are recognized for tenure
accomplishments for three, five, 10 and 20 years of service. All
employees are eligible for the Encompass Rewards Program, in which they
earn points for exemplary service that can later be redeemed for
merchandise or services. Further rewards come in the form of bonuses for
entire branches that have exceeded service goals.

because employees have access to state-of-the-art technology, a company
car plan and other resources – not to mention opportunities for career
advancement – they can have jobs that they both excel at and enjoy.

Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma – Large 5

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City


Year Founded: 1999

Managing Director: Bill Mosteller

Status: Public

Full-Time Employees in State: 713

Part-Time Employees in State: 28

Diagnostic Laboratory of Oklahoma is a repeat winner in Best Places to
Work in Oklahoma, and it’s not hard to see why. With the policy that
satisfied employees lead to satisfied patients and clients, the company
has made it its mission to reward outstanding employees and support them
and their families.

Several health and wellness
programs are in effect at DLO. The company teams with GlobalFit gyms to
offer discount fitness memberships to employees and their dependents.
DLO also hosts a yearly health screening with comprehensive diagnostics
test free to employees, as well as their spouses and domestic partners.

employee’s well-being is a top priority at DLO. With that in mind, a
high-deductible health plan is offered, and the company makes
contributions to employees’ health savings accounts.

May, the company holds an employee appreciation week and luncheon,
where those who have been with DLO for one, three or five years are
recognized and given a token of appreciation. Employees with 10 years
under their belts are treated to a special awards luncheon and can
choose special rewards in recognition of their long history of service.

INSURICA – Large 6

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City


Year Founded: 1959

CEO: Mike ross

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 145

Part-Time Employees in State: 2

an independent insurance agency, works from its Oklahoma City office to
bring clients property and casualty, surety, employee benefits and
automobile/homeowners products. While it insures customers, it also
ensures an open, pleasant workplace for its associates.

open-door policy helps keep communication channels between executives
and colleagues active, and monthly meetings allow any questions staff
might have to be brought before management and answered.

its colleagues, encourages a little healthy competition. The office
features a “Biggest Loser” and stair-walking contest; the latter
determines which colleague utilizes the office stairs most frequently,
and the winner receives a gift card.

Cards are the
smallest of prizes, however. Every year, the winner of the Mackey
Customer Service Award receives a $500 monetary bonus.

proactive steps are also taken to keep employees at their best. Free
flu shots are provided to colleagues and at reduced cost to their
dependents, and once a year, a mammography van is brought on-site.

is also a strong drive to give back to the community. INSURICA provides
both financial and volunteer support to such charities as United Way,
Food Bank of Oklahoma and Infant Crisis Services.

Eide Bailly LLP – Large 7

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Fargo, N.D.


Year Founded: 1917

CEO: Jerry A. Topp

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 98

Part-Time Employees in State: 16

many, the phrase “certified public accounting” conjures up images of
gray cubicles, stale coffee and dour-looking men in business suits. The
employees of would probably laugh at this.

Laugh, then
go right back to enjoying holiday parties, monthly birthday
celebrations and free meals provided during the busy tax season.

Oh, and forget the suits. Think business casual.

Bailly places a high value on its employees and goes the distance to
keep them both healthy and happy. Every office has a designated Wellness
Champion and corresponding committee, whose job it is to keep the
workplace fit by providing healthy snacks, guest speakers and in-office
activities year-round. Free health screenings to all staff members allow
them to see their progress (or what still needs work).

operations at Eide Bailly is Steve Corley, recently named one of the
state’s “Most-Admired CEOs.” Having an awesome boss must generate
awesome employees, because gift cards are kept on hand and frequently
given out to those performing above and beyond the call of duty.

hard comes with playing hard. The company has an impressive repertoire,
working with industries ranging from agriculture production to
government, real-estate to nonprofit, and just about everything in

First United Bank – Large 8

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Durant


Year Founded: 1900

CEO: Greg Massey

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 471

Part-Time Employees in State: 72

You’ve probably heard people say that it pays to do the right thing. At First United Bank, they had the same idea.

why the company offers employees paid time off to spend the day
volunteering in community events such as March of Dimes, Relay for Life
or the Meals on Wheels program. Through a volunteer committee and
newsletter, everyone knows when their next chance to do a good deed will
come up.

First United supports a family-friendly,
flexible work schedule for its employees. It is as committed to them as
it is to the community, which shows in the 10% annual bonus all
full-time employees receive, and the 5% bonus for part-time employees.

with fitness in mind find another way to save money at the fitness
center First United offers, which comes with a wide range of
strength-training, cardiovascular and other equipment free to use for
employees and their spouses. While volunteering proves this bank has a
good heart, there’s not much better than a run or pumping some iron to
show it’s strong, too.

The goal of is simple, and has remained consistent over the years: Put customers first.

“Our calling is to do what we can to help our customers grow and succeed,” says a company spokesperson.

Cox Communications – Large 9

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City


Year Founded: 1962

Sr. VP/General Manager: Percy Kirk

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 1,875

Part-Time Employees in State: 25

third-largest provider of cable and broadband in the country, is known
for pioneering the “bundle” system of allowing customers to roll their
TV, telephone and Internet services together from one provider.

But at Cox, it’s not about being the biggest company. It’s about being the best.

“Excellence in customer care is a hallmark of Cox Communications,” says a company spokesperson.

are the ones responsible for maintaining that standard of excellence,
and Cox finds many ways to express appreciation. Outstanding
performances in specific tasks or of focus groups can merit rewards such
as trips to Hawaii, iPads, televisions or cash-filled debit cards.
Another appreciated perk, offered to all employees, is a discount on the
highquality cable, Internet and phone services the company offers.

staffers have a chance to reciprocate this generosity in a way that
gives back to their community. The Cox Connects Foundation, now in its
sixth year, was created to support “programs that positively impact
Oklahomans in the areas of education, technology, health and the arts.”
Since its inception, the foundation has invested more than $3.6 million
in Oklahoma. This unique program is completely funded and guided by Cox

Cintas Corporation – Large 10

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Cincinnati


Year Founded: 1929

Vice President: Brad McNeese

Status: Public

Full-Time Employees in State: 351

Part-Time Employees in State: 1

its headquarters in Cincinnati, caters to approximately 90,000
businesses by manufacturing business identity uniforms, and provides
entrance mats; restroom supplies; promotional products; first aid,
safety and fire protection products and services; and document
management services.

While filling its clients’ needs,
Cintas also works to reduce its ecological impact, recycling everything
from clothing scraps to computers. It even offers a suit made out of 25
recycled two-liter bottles.

Although it may be a
production giant, Cintas never overlooks the individuals. People are the
top priority, and Cintas locations make sure that appreciation shows.
Employees cannot say enough about why they love Cintas, and there are
many reasons.

“It seems that (managers) go the extra
mile to do things for the partners to make us feel appreciated,” says
one employee. Another partner adds, “My supervisor has come and picked
me up when my car was in the shop or when the weather was bad.”

perks include bingo games, ice cream truck visits, a Spirit Day to
recognize and reward partners for their hard work, and cultural
potlucks. Come Christmastime, Santa visits Cintas’ many locations to
meet partners and their families.

Paycom Payroll LLC – Large 11

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City


Year Founded: 1998

CEO: Chad Richison

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 352

Part-Time Employees in State: 0

its clients, Paycom Payroll offers online payroll services that are
efficient, are easy-to-use and come with expert assistance. Indeed, the
company annually invests as much as 156 hours per employee in training
and development to ensure they are highly qualified.

Paycom provides more than just training to its partners. Executives
don’t just want to make employees work, but to make work enjoyable.

They’ve succeeded in a big way.

Oklahoma facility offers an on-site, outdoor basketball court where
employees can shoot hoops during lunch or play in the company league.
During National Payroll Week, employees are thanked for all they do
throughout a week of fun, organized competition, and after busy season,
Paycom holds a De-Stress Week complete with massages and free snacks.

the end-of-the-year party in Dallas, Paycom recognizes all employee
promotions throughout the year, as well as those who have been with the
company 10 or more years. An offer of membership into the exclusive
President’s Club is a way to acknowledge sales staff that has met or
exceeded various sales goals set throughout the previous year.

Chaparral Energy – Large 12

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City


Year Founded: 1988

CEO: Mark Fischer

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 680

Part-Time Employees in State: 14

Chaparral Energy, employees who refer new hires are offered a bonus.
It’s a stroke of luck for both, but perhaps especially for the newcomer,
who gains all the job perks and career advantages that come with a job
at Chaparral.

A casual dress code lets workers take
advantage of the health and fitness opportunities afforded them. They
can train on gym-quality machines at the fitness center, or take an
instructor-lead class like yoga or boot camp. For the outdoorsy types,
the facility boasts a walking trail and an outdoor pond stocked for

Good health is important to Chaparral: The
company pays 100% of the premium on employees’ medical, prescription,
dental and vision coverage, and up to 74% on those premiums of their

Ten paid holiday days are offered annually,
which seems like much more when you consider that at Chaparral, the
weekend starts Friday afternoon, after a four-and-a-half-day workweek.
Employees also have the option to work a compressed workweek.

seeking to advance themselves will find Chaparral a welcome
environment. Multi-tiered position titles recognize and encourage growth
and learning, and tuition reimbursement is offered for industry
certifications and completion of undergraduate and graduate degrees.

Oil and natural gas aside, Chaparral recognizes its employees as the most valuable resource.

Small Company

GableGotwals – Small 1

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Tulsa 


Year Founded: 1919

Chairman: David Keglovitz

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 132

Part-Time Employees in State: 9

GableGotwals may be known for its high-quality legal services with a
firm of more than 70 attorneys, but what it may not be as well-known for
are all the perks offered to employees.

In addition to
paid time off for various community and civic activities, the firm
hosts parties and social events that include spouses and guests.
Employees can bring their children to work when school is closed, and an
annual bonus program recognizes individual performance, not just length
of service.

Each year in November, a firm-wide
luncheon is scheduled to honor individuals for their years of service
and to express appreciation for jobs well done.

overtime is considered a no-no at GableGotwals, if it has to happen,
it’s kept to a minimum. And meetings and staff-only events are limited
to working hours only.

The company provides on-site
personal development, stress management workshops, seminars and classes,
as well as financial education workshops.

reduction and fun is encouraged and organized from the ground up, as
opposed to the top down. If there’s an organized sport on deck, the firm
provides uniforms and subsidizes league participation.

for water-cooler talk, it’s encouraged. Employees are urged to take
short breaks away from their workstation and engage in friendly chats to
help mitigate both physical and emotional reactions to stress.

This is GableGotwals’ second year as one of the Best Places to Work in Oklahoma.

HoganTaylor LLP – Small 2

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Tulsa


Year Founded: 2009

CEO: Randy Nail

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 124

Part-Time Employees in State: 19

HoganTaylor LLP, the goal is to help clients be successful – whether
they are a financial institution, a manufacturer, a nonprofit or family
needing help with wealth planning. Or maybe they need an employee
benefit plan audit or someone to advise them about which capital sources
are best for their business.

Either way, it is all about the clients … except when it’s about the employees.

family-friendly environment at HoganTaylor has upper management
striving to lead the industry in promoting work-life balance.

one company spokesperson put it, “We genuinely believe our employees
are our most important resource and strive to put them first in our

This is evident in the company providing an
environment where staffers can increase their professional skills
through strong training in a challenging work setting, providing a
wellness program, and creating an Employee Advisory Council.

many public accounting firms work 70 to 80 hours a week during the busy
season, at HoganTaylor, they strive to limit those hours to 55 or
fewer. As a bonus, they provide numerous meals, snacks and individual
goodie bags for employees. At 5 p.m. each Friday, margarita night
commences to help employees relax. Speaking of relaxation, management
also brings in a masseuse for a free 30-minute massage.

April, the firm participates in the TOMS Shoes “One Day without Shoes”
event by allowing employees to go barefoot or wear socks.

The company offers an annual bonus program, which includes cash incentives and an additional 401(k) contribution.

QuiBids – Small 3

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City


Year Founded: 2009

CEO: Matt Beckham

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 101

Part-Time Employees in State: 40

is described as a fun and exciting, fast-paced auction website, it
also can be described as a fun and exciting place to work. With Donut
Mondays, Wake-up Wednesdays and Fun Fridays, how could it be described
as anything but that?

QuiBids launched in October 2009,
and operates on a pay-to-participate business model. Its mission is to
“redefine shopping by combining unparalleled deals with a unique, fun
and exciting online experience.”

Back at the office,
employees get to receive their own unique experiences that include chair
massages every other Friday, weekly catered food and beverages, a
mobile espresso bar every other week, and access to a fully equipped
game room, including a ping-pong table and video games.

But that’s not all.

also enjoy quarterly paid volunteer time off and welcome lunches, where
the executive team takes newcomers out to lunch. This provides the new
employee an opportunity to get acquainted with executive staff and the
company’s values. At monthly company meetings, upper management keeps
everyone in-the-know.

And Fun Fridays? This is a time when employees and management have a chance to just talk and spend time with one another.

That sounds like one great place to work!

CFR – Small 4

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Tulsa


Year Founded: 1935

Chairman: Jack Allen

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 79

Part-Time Employees in State: 4

regional risk management and insurance firm likes to think of itself as
an extension of its client’s business, employing a variety of solutions
for each customer’s unique needs, and insurance is just one aspect of

Internally, however, employees enjoy several perks, making a Best Place to Work in Oklahoma.

example, during the summer, employees receive a half-day off every
other Friday, and monthly cash bonuses are doled out if the firm meets
or exceeds its goal from the year prior.

Chair massages
are provided, monthly staff lunches and departmental lunches are
enjoyed, and in addition to employees receiving flowers on their
birthday, they also receive a gift certificate and card from the CEO on
their company anniversary each year.

Employees of the
month, who are nominated by fellow employees, are announced at the
monthly “Fandancer” meeting, with winners receiving his or her own
parking space, a $50 gas card, and either $50 or a half-day off.

decisions … Management also provides for a “Zapp,” which is where an
employee can let a member of the management team know about a fellow
staffer who has gone above and beyond, to be rewarded with $50 cash.

of the culture is working as a team and well with others. Fresh ideas
and diverse opinions are encouraged within the organization. Employees
are given room to try new ideas, and the workday is self-paced, rather
than micromanaged.

Tri County Technology Center – Small 5

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Bartlesville


Year Founded: 1968

Superintendent: Lindel Fields

Status: Nonprofit

Full-Time Employees in State: 97

Part-Time Employees in State: 0

County Technology Center is dedicated to inspiring success through
life-changing learning experiences. From innovative career majors in
biotechnology and aerospace engineering to pioneering training
initiatives in health care, TCTC prepares students for both college and

Named as one of Oklahoma’s Best Places to Work
for a second year, TCTC is committed to serving its employees, as well
as it students.

Through its educational assistance
plan, tuition reimbursements led to three employees completing a
bachelor’s degree and one completing a master’s degree this year.

Tri County, students are trained to provide top-notch services and,
therefore, employees enjoy such benefits as child care, manicures,
pedicures, haircuts, dental cleanings, meals and auto repair and
services – all at a discounted price.

In FY11,
employees were offered a new perk: laundry service. A business picks up
employee laundry, and delivers the clothes back in a couple of days.

Employees also receive up to eight hours of paid time off to volunteer.

Tri County nursing staff began a monthly health clinic, where staff
members are able to get assessments including BMI, blood pressure
screenings, and weight and hydration level, all right on campus.

is a value of TCTC, as open communication within the organization
boosts morale. Whether in personal interviews with the superintendent,
or through one of the regular surveys in which employees can respond
anonymously, input is valued.

Ideal Homes of Norman LP – Small 6

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Norman


Year Founded: 1990

President of Sales and Co-owner: Vernon McKown

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 82

Part-Time Employees in State: 31

the Oklahoma City metro and Stillwater areas, Ideal Homes offers five
product lines and more than 60 floor plans, with 150 elevations ranging
from 1,000 to 3,000 square feet. The company operates as a fully
integrated home-building team that develops, designs, builds, sells,
finances and warrants new residences.

Back at the
office, however, employees enjoy a “bring your kids to work” day with
various events planned throughout so children can see what their
parents’ job roles are and can interact with the building process.

enjoy a half-day off during employee appreciation week, where the
company arranges for them to play golf, get a manicure/pedicure or go to
the movies. And then there’s the hoedown party at a barn, complete with
barbecue, pony rides, bucking bull and hayrides.

Homes’ social committee plans and organizes social events to create a
great place to work. One such event was a softball game, where employees
were given a half-day off to team with fellow co-workers and play.

Staff Member of the Quarter, who is selected by peer nomination,
receives $200 cash and public recognition at the staff meeting.

Oh, and on hot summer days, snow cones are provided. (We’re a little envious of that one!)

InterWorks Inc. – Small 7

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Stillwater


Year Founded: 1996

CEO: Behfar Jahanshahi

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 66

Part-Time Employees in State: 0

in 1996, InterWorks started with computer networking and technical
support services, but grew quickly with the needs of its clients by
expanding into web strategy, business intelligence and software
development. InterWorks now has representatives across the country, and
clients around the world.

But the management team also
knows how to take care of its own, with a strong belief in the
importance of celebrating teamwork as an entity. For this reason, it
extends recognition and appreciation to the entire company or among
entire teams and departments for their achievements and excellence.

addition to an annual holiday party, a catered espresso bar and
quarterly massages, monthly lunches are offered. The office space also
is equipped with game rooms, complete with ping-pong tables, pool tables
and gaming systems.

The team at InterWorks also
sponsors outings to Barons hockey games, monster truck rallies and
camping, which includes activities such as fishing, hiking and boating –
a time for everyone to enjoy time outside of the office as a group and
get to know each other better.

Oh, and as the
headquarters is located in a college town, during football season, it
hosts a weekly watch party and tailgating for employees and their
families, which includes grilling, games and more socializing.

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic – Small 8

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City


Year Founded: 1974

CEO: Robyn Sunday-Allen

Status: Nonprofit

Full-Time Employees in State: 136

Part-Time Employees in State: 2

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic is a nonprofit corporation that provides a
variety of health care services to Native Americans and their families.

include preventative care, ambulatory care, illness management and
dental, optometry, radiology and pharmacy services. The clinic’s
behavioral health care programs center on living the healthiest life
possible – physically, mentally and spiritually.

receive paid health and dental insurance for themselves and their
families. Paid time off is given with an offer to buy back up to a week
at the end of each year.

The holiday breakfast includes
a bonus and three hours of administrative leave before reporting to
work that day. Employees also receive 30 minutes daily for working out
or participating in other health promotion activities, such as smoking
cessation classes and healthy eating demonstrations. To boot, the
company offers annual weight-loss challenges with prizes and employee

One of the most kind things about the
Oklahoma City Indian Clinic leadership team is that it provides
continual recognition with personal notes of praise to the staff it
supervises: a personal email, a Post-it note placed on their computer or
a handwritten note on their paycheck envelope — all nice gestures.

Coppermark Bank – Small 9

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City


Year Founded: 1963

CEO: Thomas L. Legan

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 187

Part-Time Employees in State: 23

for its local feel and personal service, is among Oklahoma’s largest
banks, and was one of the first state banks to offer mobile banking.

employees are dedicated to bringing exceptional value to the table.
Their relationship and business-partner approach sets them apart,
earning the bank the distinction as the “Bank You Trust for Life.”

also recognizes the importance of having a little fun to maintain
morale among employees. And sometimes that can be done with the simplest
of things, such as pizza days, jeans days and annual family events.

building a Habitat for Humanity house to donating blood at numerous
blood drives to cooking a pot of chili for a luncheon fundraiser,
employees enjoy the creative ways they are engaged in helping the

The company also celebrates National
Employee Appreciation Day by giving employees days off and gift cards,
and having a drawing for Thunder and RedHawks tickets.

And whether they’re a full- or parttime employee, all staffers receive benefits and holiday pay.

Wallace Engineering – Small 10

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Tulsa


Year Founded: 1981

CEO: Tom Wallace

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 105

Part-Time Employees in State: 3

this structural and civil engineering consulting firm isn’t providing
its expertise to architects, contractors, building owners,
municipalities and other companies, its employees are enjoying a host of
perks from within the office.

Casual dress and
flexible hours are offered daily in Wallace Engineering’s
energy-efficient environment. Employees also receive additional pay
beyond 40-hour workweeks, as well as raises twice a year.

fitness boot camp and yoga classes are offered on-site, and there’s a
bocce ball court on the roof of the building for those seeking a little
fun in the sun. Employees also can enjoy the rooftop for picnics,
relaxing, socializing or just to recharge and refresh.

employees are recognized and receive gifts for their 10-, 20- and
subsequent five-year anniversaries, and the value of the gifts increases
progressively with tenure.

Management exercises an
open-book policy in regard to project and financial performance,
allowing employees insight into firm success and decision-making, which
also provides the opportunity to learn additional project management and
business skills.

All principals and associates have
participated in and completed a six-month leadership program titled
“1-on-1 Management: What Every Great Manager Knows That You Don’t.”

Once a month, all birthdays are celebrated with cake and ice cream.

Vox Printing – Small 11

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City


Year Founded: 1971

CEO: LaVerna Reid

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 51

Part-Time Employees in State: 0

if a company existed where management baked birthday cakes for each and
every employee? At Vox Printing, that scenario is not just wishful
thinking. Drawing from the vice president’s vast collection of cake
recipes, employees get to choose a homemade cake on their special day to
share with their colleagues.

In addition, employees
can enjoy the company’s 70-acre campus designed for family activities
from soccer and softball to fishing and mud volleyball.

it takes more than birthday cakes and outdoor recreation to make a
great company. At Vox, the company offers great products and the very
best ideas for employees to increase their business. As a result,
customers get top-tier service, and employees have the satisfaction of a
job well done.

The company operates daily under the
lean manufacturing practices to improve efficiency and reduce waste.
Employees are also trained in the Deming Philosophy of Management to
motivate them, improve work flow and create a more efficient work

Vox also looks out for the physical and
spiritual well-being of its employees with a boot camp for exercise and
health, and a chaplain who visits weekly to assist with personal issues.

At Vox, employees come first.

Oklahoma State University Foundation – Small 12

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Stillwater


Year Founded: 1961

President and CEO: Kirk Jewell

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 105

Part-Time Employees in State: 1

Pete doesn’t stop by to boost morale daily at the Oklahoma State
University Foundation, but there is a position – no kidding – called
“director of mirth” who is tasked with ensuring the organization has
fun. While it’s not all fun and games for the private fundraising
organization for OSU, the office environment is designed to support the
staff in its work connecting donors who love the university and give
generously so that others can attain a world-class education.

– from Groundhog Day to Veterans’ Day – are not only observed, but
celebrated in grand form. Employees can look forward to cookies,
cupcakes and, depending on the weather, ice cream to celebrate. Regular
pizza lunches and potlucks, organized by – you guessed it – the director
of mirth, replicate tailgate parties for OSU football wins and bowl

When it comes to health and wellness, employees
have access to OSU’s state-of-the-art Colvin Recreation Center and
Seretean Wellness Center for the meager sum of $20 per month. Healthy
snacks are on hand in the break room for 50 cents each. And at
Christmas, all full-time and permanent part-time employees can look
forward to a little something extra in their stockings with the holiday

Republic Bank & Trust – Small 13

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Norman


Year Founded: 1988

President and CEO: Chuck Thompson

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 109

Part-Time Employees in State: 27

at Republic Bank & Trust not only watch after the bank’s money,
they are eligible for a little cash from the coffers for customer
referrals and a merit-based rewards program.

The local
bank takes care of its customers, and that starts with happy bankers and
employees. Relationships mean everything, and bankers develop trusted
relationships with local businesses to help ensure their success. In
turn, bankers help to build a vibrant community.

several referral programs in place, employees can capitalize on monthly
bonuses. A performance-based program, which is open to all Republic
bankers, is based on performance and awards additional compensation

More money is on the way for those who refer customers to the bank, and those bankers are eligible for monthly payments.

bankers quarterly are recognized for a merit-based program based on
Republic’s core values called the AAA Spirit Award. Those winners enjoy
financial bonuses, a traveling trophy and movie passes. And what movie
is complete without popcorn? Those winners receive healthy popcorn to

Other perks and events throughout the year
include the “CEO for a day” contest, an annual health fair, and an
annual holiday party and a yearly banker appreciation event.

Public Strategies Inc. – Small 14

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City


Year Founded: 1990

CEO: Mary Myrick

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 92

Part-Time Employees in State: 32

Public Strategies Inc., a dedicated and talented team manages contracts
for state and federal government agencies, and provides technical
assistance for clients in diverse fields from education to criminal

The people of Public Strategies are what makes
the company great, and they have helped it to become nationally
recognized for its expertise, innovation and the ability to collaborate
on public and private projects to bring their best to each and every

And fit, healthy employees are happy employees, so
the company offers cash for losing weight – to the tune of an
eyepopping $100 for every 25 pounds. To help shed those pounds, the
company offers paid gym memberships and reimbursement programs. The
campus is also tobacco-free, and incentives are in place to encourage
employees to quit smoking.

For those who go above and
beyond, they are rewarded with gift cards during staff meetings, and
community event tickets are available to all employees.

who can beat popcorn Thursdays, jeans Fridays and the offering of
Friday afternoons off during the summer? Perhaps some even use that time
off for the company’s weekly kindergarten reading program at Edwards
Elementary School.

Mid-Continent Casualty Company – Small 15

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Tulsa


Year Founded: 1956

President and COO: Mike Coon

Status: Public

Full-Time Employees in State: 175

Part-Time Employees in State: 0

Group – a subsidiary of Great American Insurance Group – includes
Mid-Continent Casualty, Mid-Continent Assurance and Oklahoma Surety. It
was founded in 1956 and sold to American Financial Group in 1983. Since
1991, the same management team has been in place. Over the past two
decades, under the guidance of management, the company has seen
exceptional growth and profits.

Employees enjoy things
such as flextime, an on-site fitness center that is free for them and
their spouses, and a monthly breakfast with the president. Those getting
antsy before a holiday can plan to get off early on days before
holidays to get the festivities started a bit earlier.

back is also a part of the corporate culture. The company’s yearly
United Way Campaign includes Intercom Bingo and a chili cook-off, and
those who want to wear jeans simply

make a donation.
The recent campaign, with employee and company donations combined,
accounted for $36,420. And at Christmastime, employees help a needy
family in the community through the Adopt-a-Family Campaign.

help employees succeed and to recognize hard work, career maps are
available to show potential opportunities for growth. As an added bonus,
employees can be recognized by their supervisors with gift cards.

C² Technologies Inc. – Small 16

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Vienna, Va.


Year Founded: 1989

CEO: Dolly Oberoi

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 32

Part-Time Employees in State: 0

C2 Technologies Inc. strives to make its clients succeed and to provide
cutting-edge tools to maximize productivity, institute training and
handle information technology for civilian clients and the federal

Employees are encouraged every step of the
way to excel, and are rewarded for those accomplishments. Schedule
flexibility ensures a child’s event or game is never missed, and
schedules can be worked around employees’ school schedules.

and recognition are given out to individuals and teams. An incentive
and reward program called C² Bucks is given for exceptional effort and
performance. Want to see the University of Oklahoma Sooners or the
Oklahoma City Thunder play a game? Do a good job and free tickets could
be coming your way.

An employee is honored each quarter
for recognition of excellent work in the areas of customer focus,
productivity, quality, technical competence, innovation and creativity,
leadership and teamwork skills and effective communication.

also is encouraged and rewarded. In addition to team fellowship events
and perks like Xbox and ping-pong tables, special achievement and
innovation awards can recognize individuals or teams for excellent work.
Special achievement awards recognize embracing the company’s culture,
while the innovation awards recognize innovation and creativity.

Great Plains Technology Center – Small 17

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Lawton


Year Founded: 1971

Superintendent: Dr. Tom Thomas

Status: Educational institution

Full-Time Employees in State: 184

Part-Time Employees in State: 2

Great people make Great Plains Technology Center, well, great!

an outlet to provide education and training opportunities to
individuals and businesses in southwestern Oklahoma, the team at Great
Plains works together to help its students succeed.

students aren’t the only ones who get As. Each semester, a staff-wide
“Celebrate Our Success” event recognizes employee accomplishments with
an event that includes music, ice cream, cake and drawings for prizes
for employees who have been nominated for their great work throughout
the semester.

To keep the staff hale and hearty, the
center has two employee fitness coordinators to help promote health and
wellness. The “Couch Potato to 5K” program encourages faculty and staff
to walk three times each week. Twice a week, staff can participate in an
invigorating Zumba class, using 30 minutes of work time. Paid time also
can be used for exercising.

Employees who go above and
beyond are recognized with nominations for awards through professional
organizations on the state and international levels. When someone is
recognized from near or far, the center posts achievements on Facebook,
their website and in the local newspaper. For instant gratification, the
Quick Takes e-brief provides instant recognition for achievements.

Maschino Hudelson & Associates – Small 18

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City


Year Founded: 2002

Managing Partners: David Maschino

and J. Kelly Hudelson

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 32

Part-Time Employees in State: 0

a benefits consulting firm, Maschino, Hudelson & Associates has
distinguished itself as the largest Oklahoma-owned benefits consulting
firm. It strives to help companies design and procure the most
cost-effective benefit packages. That also includes working with their
clients’ employees to help them to understand and make the most of their
benefit package.

MHA employees enjoy benefits like
generous paid time off and flexible work schedules. A quarterly bonus
program in place and monthly luncheons are held to recognize employee
anniversaries and accomplishments. To tear down the walls between
management and staff, the luncheons are family-style, which allows
people from various places within the company to rub elbows and form

Employees give back through the yearly
United Way Workplace Campaign. In that drive, everyone works together to
raise funds for the less fortunate in the community.

are in place for those who excel at their jobs. Based on an evaluation
of five areas of criteria, if business goals are exceeded, a payout is
shared with all exempt employees, non-exempt employees and
administrative staff. Sales staff also receives a bonus for meeting
annual targets and a “super bonus” if they exceed their annual target.

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