Best Advertising Agency

After starting out as a media-buying firm in 1989, VI Marketing and Branding expanded to a full-service advertising agency in 1992. Today, the company is an integrated marketing communications firm that has doubled in size over the past two years with offices in three states, including Kansas City, Mo., and Colorado Springs, Colo.

That growth didn’t happen by accident, says President Tim Berney.

With nearly 50 employees, the company’s growth primarily has been organic, as the team works tirelessly on a daily basis to produce results for its clients, which has resulted in additional opportunities with other clients.

But VI isn’t just about advertising. In addition to its reputation for a superior creative product, VI also excels in brand strategy, social media, digital-display media, search-engine marketing, search-engine optimization, public relations, graphic design and interactive media.

Berney says Central Oklahoma’s growing market is the best place for a growing firm, and his is one that is considered the leader in modern marketing strategies. That shows in its work.

“The good business climate here and the tremendous leadership have resulted in an environment that fosters growth and attracts young talent to the area,” he says. “That directly benefits VI because we need fresh talent to do our best work. The energy that has resulted from that growth and young talent is giving the area great momentum. There’s no place that we’d rather be than Downtown Oklahoma City, in the middle of it all.”

2nd place

Robot House Creative Inc.

In a word: Unconventional

What is a robot house, and how is it creative? Well, just ask Brian Winkeler.

As the owner and only full-time employee of Robot House Creative, he has been specializing in all things creative, including strategic, creative brand messaging and growing new companies from the ground up or working with existing brands to bring their stories to life through traditional and new media campaigns since April 2003.

So how does he do it all by himself? He doesn’t. “I’m the only full-time employee of Robot House, but our business model is designed to create the most effective communication for each project and client with a specifically assembled team of the best local creative and marketing professionals,” he says.

Oklahoma City might not always have been thought of as the most innovative place, but Winkeler says that has changed, and there is nowhere else he would rather be.

3rd Place

Third Degree Advertising

In a word: Collaborative

Third Degree Advertising began as a “design boutique” in the mid 1990s with only its two founders at the helm. The years that followed led to the growth of personnel and locations.

Today, Third Degree has 20 employees and offices in Oklahoma City and Raleigh- Durham, N.C. The company has additional ownership interests in other strategic businesses in Oklahoma City and San Diego. It has evolved into a comprehensive business, marketing and communications firm with specialized staff from a broad range of industries and of various disciplines.

The firm has expertise in business and marketing strategies for community-based brands.

A strategic planning process is at the core of consulting services, and it is unique in that it has the capacity to provide strategic business and marketing consultative services combined with the ability to work collaboratively with clients on program implementation.

Finalist: Staplegun

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