Male Under 50 Runner-Up: Gary Lynch

For as long as he can remember, Gary Lynch has been running and jumping and playing outside, so it’s difficult for him to say exactly what inspired him to live such a healthy lifestyle.

“It seems like movement is a much more natural state for humans,” he says. “Nature is movement: time, progress, the universe – nothing stands still.”

And Lynch certainly doesn’t stand still. His exercise of choice is tae kwon do.

He has a second-degree black belt, and he runs, lift weights, plays golf and tennis, and participates in some competitive team sports.

“I try to do a real workout a couple of times a week,” he says. “I don’t count golf or tennis as real workouts because I have so much fun doing them. Additionally, when I drive somewhere, I almost always park way out in the parking lot so I can get in a little walk. I always take the stairs and try to run up them. Exercise is something that isn’t restricted to a gym.”

Lynch spends anywhere from six to 10 hours a week exercising.

“And if you count the beer curls I do after a round of golf, well, that number goes up significantly,” he says.

His affinity for fruits and vegetables would make it easy for him to be a vegetarian without much effort. He says he feels best when he eats in moderation, but a couple of times a week, he’ll go to lunch with a group of coworkers, which typically results in Mexican fare or pizza, and he just doesn’t feel right about eating a pizza without a Coke.

Guilty pleasure: “I love food, and it loves me back. Isn’t that kind of mutual love the only real happiness in the world?”

His advice: Baby steps! Don’t feel the need to upend your whole life all at once. Make little goals that are achievable, then build on those successes.

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