Male Under 50 Champion: Richard Muller

He spends anywhere from three to six hours a week exercising, which includes a combination of strength and circuit training and running or other cardio work.

Richard Muller doesn’t participate in many group exercise classes, but he has two workout partners with whom he regularly meets.

“This helps because we all can keep each other accountable,” he says. “I usually stick to my regimen … but I will change up exercise routines to keep from getting bored in the gym, and I will even change up the times that I work out: sometimes at night, sometimes in the morning or midday.”

However, he doesn’t change up anything when on vacation, but holidays can be a bit more challenging.

“On holidays, I tend to eat or drink a little more than I should, but as soon as they’re over, I make sure that I get back to the routine,” he says.

Muller has a couple of ways to balance his lifestyle with work: he always takes the stairs, and instead of going out to eat with co-workers, he goes to the gym across the street from his office.

His typical daily diet consists of fruit and yogurt in the morning, sandwich and chips and salsa for lunch, and a lean meat, vegetables and a starch (rice or noodles) for dinner.

“I don’t have a really strict diet,” he says. “I try to eat healthy most of the time because of the way that it affects me both mentally and physically. If I eat poorly, I’m usually tired and less productive the remainder of the day.”

With a family history of high blood pressure, diabetes and high cholesterol, he says he wants to stay as healthy as he can for as long as he can without the need for any medical interventions.

Guilty pleasure: “I do enjoy an extra bourbon or the occasional burger, wings and beer with friends.”

His advice: “When
I talk to people about living a healthier lifestyle, I usually get a
plethora of excuses as to, ‘Why not?’ I can only say, ‘No more excuses!’
The time is here, and the time is now. No matter what one does to be
healthier, just stay consistent with it, and slowly add to or improve on

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