Corporate Wellness Award 3rd Place: Retirement Investment Advisors Inc.

Even with a staff of just 16, Retirement Investment Advisors Inc. goes above and beyond to instill a health and wellness mindset in its employees.

“It is important to stay healthy because it really does increase productivity for us,” says Erin Wentroth, vice president of marketing.

The firm’s employees are a little on the competitive side, she says. In order to foster that competitive nature, staff members design and implement new fitness challenges each year based on individual employee goals.

“It is a fitness resolution for the entire company,” Wentroth says.

Having a small office space keeps the company from creating an on-site fitness facility, but the founders did not let this detail hold the company back. CEO Joseph W. Bowie and CFO Randy L. Thurman have allowed for a food budget, which is used to keep fresh fruit, wholegrain bread and other healthy alternatives on hand.

In addition to diet, stress management is a key element for Retirement Investment Advisors employees who enjoy quarterly massages from a professional masseuse who brings all the necessary equipment to them.

“I think every employee utilizes this service 100 percent of the time,” says Wentroth. “It is highly looked forward to around the office.”

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