Phoning home

Since he became president of the Dobson Communications operating group in May, he has been charged with helping other companies accomplish those same things.

“It’s kind of an interesting situation because I’ve worked with Dobson Communications in the past,” he says. “Being back in the Dobson family of companies has been great. When you work in enough places, and get [a feel for what] opportunities are out there, how other companies operate – the model that we have inside the Dobson companies is refreshing.”

In his role as president, Franzese manages and directs the sales, marketing and customer support organizations.

He previously held senior-level leadership positions at Dobson Cellular Systems, Nextel Communications, Cincinnati Bell and Cricket Communications. His responsibilities included, among others, sales, sales support, and network and field operations.

He also founded and managed his own company, Pride Training and Development, a service organization that provided sales and leadership development to business clients.

Through the years, people have grown to know individual companies in the Dobson family, but not necessarily associate them with Dobson, Franzese says. One of his challenges is to bring the family of Dobson offerings under one umbrella.

“It’s a technology business,” he says. “When you think of technology as innovative solutions … that’s what this is really all about.”

One of the standout Dobson companies is CoreVault. Initially designed as a data-storage company, it has expanded to offer IT services, including infrastructure and other managed services.

“Inside of Dobson, we have a suite of IT service products and a suite of transport products,” he says.

Dobson has been around for 76 years. The company has grown, and Franzese wants potential clients to know about it.

“There’s a bunch of things that excite me,” he says. “One thing is the marketplace is just primed. There’s such a need for the products and services we offer. That’s exciting, knowing there is a huge demand and need for our services. The other thing is we have a really good track record for delivering.”

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