Executive Homes

Kevin Schroeder paid $625,000 to Robert and Sharon Turner for a house 518 N.W. 14th. The Heritage Hills home comprises 3,892 square feet and was built in 1917.


Stephanie M. Singer Revocable Trust paid $1.35 million to Maurice and Kimberly Sullivan for property at 12000 Stonemill Road, Oklahoma City, 73131.

Derek Norman and Janel Waldrop paid $1.325 million to City Place LLC for property at 1620 Saratoga Way, Edmond, 73003.

William and Linda Rodgers paid $1.291 million to Bentley Farms Trust for property at 2431 Grand Circle, Nichols Hills, 73116.

Dale and Kimberly Phillips paid $980,000 to John and Linda Porter for property at 2800 E. Hefner Road, Oklahoma City, 73131.

Trent Freiberg paid $755,000 to Shawn and Shannon Rohrer for property at 6421 N.E. 109th, Edmond, 73013.

Addi Abuelshar paid $740,000 to Gaylord and Roxye Babb for property at 4320 N.W. 150th, Oklahoma City, 73134.

Derrick and Julie Morton paid $690,000 to Tim and Lori Streller for property at 7432 N.E. 119th, Edmond, 73013.

Grant and Charlotte Gregory paid $687,000 to Steven and Julie Ranney for property at 10624 Pond Meadow Drive, Oklahoma City, 73151.

Stevie and Avilla Williams paid $665,000 to Matt Wilson Custom Homes LLC for property at 2116 Woodcrest Lane, Edmond, 73034.

Carl and Kimerlee Conner paid $625,000 to Tommy Huelskamp LLC for property at 724 Newport Bridge Drive, Edmond, 73034.

Phil and Heather Busey paid $622,000 to Tommy Huelskamp LLC for property at 2316 Buffalo Pass, Edmond, 73034.

Byunglin Kim paid $612,500 to Tom Adler for property at 13113 Blanca Mesa Drive, Oklahoma City, 73142.

Qualls Stevens paid $605,000 to Marsh and Deborah Pitman for property at 3933 N.W. 44th, Oklahoma City, 73112.

Mark Godish and Laura Chong paid $580,000 to Angela and Jon White for property at 11700 Bravada Drive, Edmond, 73013.

Fredrick and Misty Higginson paid $560,000 to Eric and Kelli Gleichman for property at 17300 Old Field Road, Edmond, 73012.

Leslie Arnold paid $555,000 to Daniel Furlong for property at 316 N.W. 16th, Oklahoma City, 73103.

Glendell Nix paid $548,000 to Angela Brittsan for property at 3360 N.W. 172nd Terrace, Edmond, 73012.

Judd and Sarah Fisher paid $542,000 to Steven and Lauren Schwartz for property at 527 N.W. 15th, Oklahoma City, 73103.

Jennifer Colbert paid $537,500 to Kandace and Stoney Phillips for property at 16801 Kierland Court, Edmond, 73012.

James and Krista Thorp paid $536,000 to Donald and Sherre Whitton for property at 2000 Maria Circle, Edmond, 73034.

Shaun and Kari Beggs paid $525,000 to Kathryn Beachler and William Brumbeloe for property at 2514 Red Oak Drive, Midwest City, 73020.

Shyla Penaroza paid $514,500 to Bryan and Tanna Fried for property at 530 N.W. 14th, Oklahoma City, 73103.

Frank and Michele Gocinski paid $503,500 to Custom Crafted Homes Inc. for property at 3125 York Drive, Edmond, 73034.

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