Oklahoma City Indian Clinic

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City

Website: okcic.com

Year Founded: 1974

CEO: Robyn Sunday-Allen

Status: Nonprofit

Full-Time Employees in State: 136

Part-Time Employees in State: 2

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic is a nonprofit corporation that provides a variety of health care services to Native Americans and their families.

Services include preventative care, ambulatory care, illness management and dental, optometry, radiology and pharmacy services. The clinic’s behavioral health care programs center on living the healthiest life possible – physically, mentally and spiritually.

Employees receive paid health and dental insurance for themselves and their families. Paid time off is given with an offer to buy back up to a week at the end of each year.

The holiday breakfast includes a bonus and three hours of administrative leave before reporting to work that day. Employees also receive 30 minutes daily for working out or participating in other health promotion activities, such as smoking cessation classes and healthy eating demonstrations. To boot, the company offers annual weight-loss challenges with prizes and employee recognition.

One of the most kind things about the Oklahoma City Indian Clinic leadership team is that it provides continual recognition with personal notes of praise to the staff it supervises: a personal email, a Post-it note placed on their computer or a handwritten note on their paycheck envelope — all nice gestures.

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