Vox Printing

U.S. Corporate Headquarters: Oklahoma City

Website: voxprint.com

Year Founded: 1971

CEO: LaVerna Reid

Status: Private

Full-Time Employees in State: 51

Part-Time Employees in State: 0

What if a company existed where management baked birthday cakes for each and every employee? At Vox Printing, that scenario is not just wishful thinking. Drawing from the vice president’s vast collection of cake recipes, employees get to choose a homemade cake on their special day to share with their colleagues.

In addition, employees can enjoy the company’s 70-acre campus designed for family activities from soccer and softball to fishing and mud volleyball.

But it takes more than birthday cakes and outdoor recreation to make a great company. At Vox, the company offers great products and the very best ideas for employees to increase their business. As a result, customers get top-tier service, and employees have the satisfaction of a job well done.

The company operates daily under the lean manufacturing practices to improve efficiency and reduce waste. Employees are also trained in the Deming Philosophy of Management to motivate them, improve work flow and create a more efficient work environment.

Vox also looks out for the physical and spiritual well-being of its employees with a boot camp for exercise and health, and a chaplain who visits weekly to assist with personal issues.

At Vox, employees come first.

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