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One would be wrong. “There is no theme, per se,” says Melissa Hunt, executive director of AIACOC. “We decided that Architecture Week itself is the theme, because the week is all about celebrating architecture and promoting the importance of good design.”

Fair enough, especially since the nine select spots comprising April 14’s self-guided tour harbor good design — nay, great design — in spades. Seven stand in Oklahoma City, with one each in Edmond and Norman.


Still, without a true theme, Architecture Tour co-chairs Geoffrey Parks and Kenneth Dennis try to find a common thread, anyway.

“This year is almost all about urban infill: using or re-using a site surrounded by existing development,” says Parks, of Timberlake Construction.


Kenneth Dennis of TAParchitecture, “I also think that this year’s
projects tend to focus on really great design at a smaller scale. There
are not any ‘large’ projects on the tour this year.”


That means no return trip to the Plaza District compound/residence
of Flaming Lips leader Wayne Coyne, which had attendees waiting in a
long line outdoors — at times, in rain — on the 2010 tour.

there is a return trip to the home of Kenneth and Audrey Fitzsimmons,
1228 N.W. 36th, another stop on that same tour. Then, it was all about
the rehabilitation of the interior. This time, it’s about sculptural and
landscape elements of the home’s exterior and, in particular, the
500-square-foot backyard studio that serves as Ken Fitzsimmons’ home
base of TASK Design Inc., his architecture firm.


“It’s all that people saw before, but more,” he says, “with things that are more modern and play off the old and the new.”

says the Architectural Tour is a chance for the general public “to see
[that] the everyday environment can be exciting, too,” as architecture
plays a large part of their lives that all too often goes unnoticed.

it gets people thinking in ways they haven’t. The building becomes part
of your experience,” he says. “It’s not the Parade of Homes. Because of
the range of the old and the new, and the very modern, the quality of
all of these has a character you just normally wouldn’t find — a spirit
and a soul you just don’t get out of the average home you see on the

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