Game on!

But for Dylan Waddle and Chris Tytanic, it was a sure thing.

“The beauty of this is it’s an Oklahoma-based company,” says Tytanic, m3t Total Casino Management general counsel. “It’s a really positive story.”

Now the two men are an integral part of a growing Oklahoma company that relies on technology that got its start in the gambling hotbed of Atlantic City.

Based in Norman, m3t provides turnkey player-tracking and ticket-server solutions for casinos.

The company’s name is actually an abbreviation for “management, money and marketing technology solutions.” Its technology dates back to the 1980s and the IT departments of a couple of major casinos in Atlantic City.

“We have added functionality,” Waddle says. “Other systems provide ticketin and ticket-out and player-tracking functionality, but we’ve added numerous pieces that make our system unique,” such as the ability for casino patrons to use kiosk systems on the gaming floor, or real-time slot machine data going directly to a casino operator’s desktop.

“It also enhances the patron’s experience in the casino,” Tytanic says.

says m3t’s services are used by the Kaw, Apache, Creek, Muskogee and
Creek Nation tribes, or in about one-third of the tribal casinos in

Pam Shaw, director of Southwind Kaw Nation Casino in Newkirk, says the nation uses m3t technology in two casinos.

have a great relationship with m3t,” she says. “They are helpful,
knowledgeable and I’m excited to see what the future holds for them.”

The company is also in Montana, Washington, and, soon, California.

Tytanic spent nearly 30
years as general counsel for Devon Energy and the former Kerr McGee
Corp. It was his job to take the legal guesswork out of every situation
the company encountered.

Waddle spent seven years as a government affairs manager and lobbyist for Devon. His job was to keep the energy company on a growth trend.

Today, the pair do much of the same work for m3t.

able to help tribes be more cognizant of their revenue stream so they
have more dollars for the hospitals and community services,” Tytanic
says. “It’s a huge benefit for the tribes to work smarter and more
efficiently as a whole.”

Founders Kent Bowden and Mike Carpenter are Oklahoma natives and still serve as president and vice president, respectively.

And being an Oklahoma company means local casinos get immediate response.

customers] tell us it’s a partnership, as opposed to us just selling
them a product,” Waddle says. “The other thing is we’re proud of a very
user-friendly product. We’re not bringing in Las Vegastrained techs to
run the facilities.”

California operations and a couple of other deals in the pipeline spell success for the company’s future.

“We’re absolutely in a growth pattern,” Waddle says. “In a few sizeable deals, we could triple in size in the near future.”

Photo by Mark Hancock

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