OKCIC wins big at government awards

The GPRA requires all government agencies to create a five-year strategic plan, draft an annual performance plan and report on progress toward long and short-term goals for better patient service.

“Reaching and exceeding the exceptional standards set forth by the GPRA is a constant goal of the clinic staff,” said Robyn Sunday-Allen, CEO of the OKCIC. “This recognition confirms our commitment to quality care for our patients in all areas of service.”

The clinic was recognized for patient care provided by large facilities serving more than 5,000 people in the GPRA population.

The awards presented by GPRA to the clinic include:

·         Physician Champion Award given to Dr. Daniel Molina

·         Best Goal Outcome for diabetes management for controlled blood pressure

·         Best Goal Outcome for pap smear program

·         Best Goal Outcome for mammogram program

·         Best Goal Outcome for adult influenza program (patients over age 65)

The GPRA panel singled out Dr. Molina with the Physician Champion Award for his extraordinary vision and leadership in meeting the 2011 goals. He was instrumental in developing screening strategies and laboratory procedures that allowed for more patients to get the services they needed. He also helped implement an innovative scheduling model that streamlines patient care for better customer service.

“Urban Indians in Oklahoma City have access to some of the best, most efficient medical care available,” said Dr. Everett Rhoades, chairman of the OKCIC board of directors. “We are very proud of the service and quality of care provided by the clinic staff. When urban Indians have better health services, the entire community benefits and grows stronger.”

For more information, visit okcic.com.

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