Live and Let Dine

Picasso Cafe

3009 Paseo


Picasso Cafe is always offering something different. The eclectic menu includes standbys like pizzas and salads, but also some interesting vegan options and what I consider to be the best grilled cheese in town, with an artisanal cheese selection that comes straight from Forward Foods. This restaurant captures the look and feel of the growing Paseo district while maintaining quality food that makes you want to hang around more often.

1715 N.W. 16th

Saints serves Irish pub food with a healthy twist. Nothing is fried, so when you order the traditional fish and chips, expect baked fish and roasted potato fingerlings. The menu is diverse, split into large and small quantities, so you can get exactly what you want without overeating. The atmosphere has brought new life to the Plaza District neighborhood in which it resides. Whether looking for a unique beer and snack while playing darts, or a traditional Irish meal, Saints is your place.


All About Cha
3272 S. Broadway, Edmond


You wouldn’t expect a coffee and tea place to have good food, but this is a perfect place to take in a light lunch in Edmond. Salads, sandwiches and quiche make up the simple menu, but the food is made with care with fresh ingredients. This is a healthy option that is quick, reasonably priced and sure to leave you wanting more.

Jennifer Monies is the Senior Vice President of Communications The State Chamber of Oklahoma

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